• Vintage tang juice glass tumbler

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    Tang Pitchers

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    Both about 40 years old. All pieces in excellent, like-new condition. A one of a kind antique piece. They're all in great condition. If this ad is posted it is still available. Just over 4" tall.

    Juice Vintage tumbler tang glass

    The bowl itself is approximately 7 quart in volume, while it measures approx. A single suggested serving of Tang contains 29 grams 1. The glasses hold approx. Please Contact Nagano Olympic antique glasses St. The pattern is characterized by its dots and angles and starbursts on the bottoms of the square-shaped pedestal bases.

    Glasses were a store promotional item give-away filled with cream cheese. Great accent for any table. Original Tang[ edit ] Tang is sold in powdered and liquid-concentrate form. The bowl itself weighs approximately 12 lbs. Both in mint condition.

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