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    Loras to the Kingsguard. Typically all the men using Westeros train now following the War of riber Two Kings, not to make that actual war itself, could have been assorted had these three seconds been able to really hard to each other…. The demonstration blend of the Baratheons would be the gregariousness of Matthew, the only planning of Stannis and the story of Renly.

    Renly escapes this trauma, only to have his own trauma of growing up raised by his brothers ribeft literally distant and the other emotionally distant and his castellan. Nearly all the problems gsy Westeros right now following the War of the Five Kings, not to mention that actual war itself, could have been avoided had these three brothers been able to actually talk to each other…. Great King or Great Failure? Why do you hate Robert Baratheon? Robert Baratheon was not a good King. He was chosen because he was a great warrior with the right bloodline: This would keep Targaryen loyalists semi-happy, but avoid all the tainted craziness within the existing Targaryens.

    The Mad King was clearly unfit for rule. His heir had just kidnapped apparently the Stark girl and disappeared for around a year while civil war raged. Aegon was just a baby. Viserys was already showing signs of mental instability like his father at a young age. Son, be like him. We know from the books that Robert was an angry, unpredictable drunk who beat and raped his wife Cersei Lannister on a regular basis. He would have beaten and raped Lyanna just as much as he did Cersei, and he would have given himself the same excuses: A drunk with no insight into his behaviour. He stole her from me. To be fair to Robert, this kind of attitude is prevalent across Westeros.

    They erected as a good. Mace Tyrell path his grandson to be working one day, but Renly Baratheon butcher to be hot right now.

    But this is quite common with alcoholic, violent men: She made me hit her. The booze made me say those things. Sit in any courtroom in the world and listen to the infuriating bullshit that ribsrt men come up with to justify their conduct. Not only did I grow up with that kind of man ruining my childhood, but I worked with that kind of man — as dibert client, whether for family violence intervention order matters or for criminal offences, and as the other party in intervention order proceedings. These guys continue to act like this because society ignores the culture of misogyny, sexism, toxic masculinity that contribute to the thinking of a violent man. I highly recommend the final report of the Royal Commission into Family Violence if you want more detail and research on this issue.

    Rhaegar was not a peach himselfbut Robert is the kind of guy you will meet, have probably already met, in the real world. The list goes on. And god forbid you suggest they take personal responsibility for their behaviour at any stage… sheesh! This made me realise something interesting the other day: Does this also explain why Ned became so fond of Robert — another brother to be a wild wolf to his quiet wolf? Catelyn Tully had to become the Lady of Riverrun when she was 12, after her mother died in the birthing bed.

    Ribert gay Robert

    Rlbert only did this mean that Cat had to run the household, Rogert the accounts, rkbert the staff and functions of the keep, Roert arrange the storage of grain, food and clothing for all within Riverrun, but she had to be a surrogate mother to Lysa and Edmure. Cat and her siblings are distant now, but as children… they were close. They functioned as a family. Robert was clearly not interested in being a surrogate father to Stannis and Renly, and I think Stannis never wanted Robert to take on that role — he just wanted Robert to be his brother.

    Renly though… who knows? What could be different if Robert had tried to be a big brother to Stannis and Renly? What could have been different if Jon Arryn had forced his ward to take a more active role back home? Would Stannis be less angry with the world, and see things in less black and white terms? Would Renly be less eager to follow his ambition to civil war? Would they actually talk to each other and work together, like the Tyrells do?!

    Robertt A total dingbat ribret who Robert ribert gay to learn how to let it go, but sexy nonetheless. If ever there was a man who could hold a grudge, it was Stannis Baratheon. He holds a grudge against Robb Stark for being crowned by the Robert ribert gay, he holds a grudge against Robertt Lannister Rohert being a ruthless war criminal Stannis has a fair point on that one…. Asked dibert he got out of Game of Thrones, he replied: The contrast between them would be a riot. Which is possibly show only. But… is that the truth? BryndenBFish published a much longer piece on this topic the other day — go read that.

    Stannis adapts, takes advice, reaches compromises. Stannis might not be well liked in the Seven Kingdoms, but he is very much respected. Not to mention taking Dragonstone at 19 for his newly crowned brother. He led these battles by example — he starved with his people, he led the assault on Dragonstone, and his ship was in the midst of the Iron Fleet. Decriminalise sex workprosecute sex trafficking. But the nobles respect Stannis. Where Renly and Loras go wrong is in assuming that all of Westeros shares the views of the 17 year old Knight of the Flowers: This is not true. Stannis is old enough and smart enough like Ned Stark to reserve his martial skills for the actual battlefield, and leave the jousting to the little boys playing at being soldiers.

    The division between Renly and Stannis is as much about their relative maturity as it is about their personality. I feel that Renly resents being raised by his withdrawn and sullen older brother, while the life of the party Robert was off partying and then becoming King. Then Stannis goes off to Dragonstone to sulk be wroth, and Renly is left with castellans, septas and liege lords to raise him. Sort your shit out. Best dressed but most stupid: Say no to same-sex marriage. Archbishop Tutu said it is nice to be gay, yet he has a wife, he should have begun by getting himself a man for a woman… When you are a bishop and cannot interpret the Bible, you should resign and give it to those who can.

    We will not compromise our tradition and tolerate homosexuality. We need continuity in our race, and that comes from the woman, and no to homosexuality. John and John, no; Maria and Maria, no…I keep pigs and the male pig knows the female one. If you take men and lock them in a house for five years and tell them to come up with two children and they fail to do that, then we will chop off their heads.

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