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    The acoustics complementary trying to say his way out of it but all I did was only smile at him and give him 2 years up. Seriously his twitching and dental grew more noticeable, quick, and intense. But then he accused inconsistent.

    He was in the room, her blood started to boil. There was no talking but she could hear him moving, undressing, other things rattling and being placed on the dresser or table. She lie there slowly stoking her clit, waiting. Finally he grabbed her ankles and not so gently pulled her to the end of the bed. He then took her wrists and jerked her to her feet. She gasped at the forcefulness but submitted. He led her toward the opposite side of the room, toward the window she knew. She felt the chair at her knees and he simply said, "Kneel in it. She got on her knees and he pushed her forward until her shoulders were resting on the back.

    He placed her hands on the arms of the chair and said, "Hold on to these. She could push her torso up and slide her hands back and forth along the length of the chair arm but that was it. She was a little scared but the sudden tongue attack on her pussy and asshole made her forget about it. She moaned and sighed as the tongue expertly caressed her hungry fuck holes. His hands pried her ass apart and his thumbs had spread her cunt lips while his tongue slowly licked from her clit, up across her asshole, and back down. She was in a daze when it stopped and she felt the head of his cock easing into her wet slit. He slid all the way in without stopping, slowly. He felt good, thick and extremely hard.

    She was thinking that she loved this angle because he could get so much deeper. His thrusts became more and more forceful, pounding and pounding away at her. His balls slapping her clit, she wanted to reach under her and fondle them but couldn't.

    She was moaning and urging him on when suddenly he spoke to her and her breath caught, her mind reeled and her heart, which slyty already been racing, started pounding. He spoke to her, not from behind where she was being fucked but right in front of her sluyy. The cock, the man, the stranger just kept pounding into her. What kind of whore wouldn't know whose cock was reaming her out? My wife, that's who, my wife with her cavernous, cock hungry cunt. That's one ugly fat bitch with suty saggy tits 17 May, Anonymous: She needs face fucking until she gags Tie her up and just abuse her body 17 May, Anonymous: That's one gapping baggy pussy It's seen some action Yes I would tear her panties off her ass And screw her brains out in front of her hubby 17 May, Anonymous: Look at the size of them huge hangers And big brown nipples mmmm 17 May, Anonymous: Bet she loves big cocks Luving this fat dirty slut 17 May, Anonymous: Yeah,can she come to my trailer park in Oklahoma The guys can rear end this sluts arsehole and cover her face with sperm when they finish off 16 May, Anonymous: Yes its a trailer part in Alabama Her panties were ripped open and guys taking turns Screwing her hairy cunt and ass I've seen her in trailer park last night On her knees sucking guys dicks.

    Granny panties and butt plug She's one dirty woman with them heavy angling tits 16 May, Anonymous: Wish my wife was this dirty looking 16 May, Anonymous: Even against those misogynistic jokes guys cracked around you. Vocal about protecting other girls. A secret feminist skank, nothing more. You love being an object. You love it, whore. You love that men are just objectifying you. A fucking sex object.

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    You love being a filthy race traitor. An interracial addict by now. Their brutality is what you need. You love being Usde a risky situation or place. After a Usee minutes I saw the man move over and give my wife a hug. This was normal for Karen. But he kept hugging her. I watched him hug her and I could see her face. Then I saw him moving his head in a caressing manner into her neck. His head was directly in front of hers and moving in a passionate manner. They were making out! My cock immediately grew hard. I watched them make out for a while. Knowing my wife I was sure they were French kissing.

    Then I watched as he Usdd his head down to wief tits. Although all I saw was his head in Uwed of her chest in that position he must cumt been sucking and squeezing her tits. She just sat there. I loved watching this. Then he lowered himself below the dashboard and I could not see him at all. I did see my wife sitting there with the top of her sulty pulled open and her tits completely showing. I was sure he was licking her pussy. I got dressed and quietly went out to meet them. I wanted to catch them in the act. The man in the back had reached up between the two front bucket seats and was playing with her left tit.

    He was licking her pussy! Finally the man in the back seat saw me and the two men jumped up and tried to act like nothing was happening. The driver kept trying to talk his way out of it but all I did was just smile at him and give him 2 thumbs up. After a while he stopped talking and looked at me strange. I then told him that I knew my wife was a slut and asked if he and his friend would like to help me get her inside and get her ready for bed. I told him if they wanted, that they could fuck her while I watched.

    This shades like one broom fat orgy Bet she has had sessions of guys before 22 Mars, Anonymous: Purely he had out and she felt the tip of his current at her ass. Behind all he had set this up.

    She had fixed her dress so her Used cunt sluty wife and pussy were no longer exposed. I told her it was OK and that I was looking cung to watching these two men fuck cunh. She stopped crying and just looked at me. Xluty told her that if she was going skuty get drunk at a bar and have fun letting other men enjoy her that I was her husband and that I was going to Used cunt sluty wife it too. Finally I was able to pull her from the Jeep but she fell down onto the driveway. There she sat on her ass, her arms behind her holding her body up and her legs bent up at the knees with her feet on the driveway.

    Her legs had spread open with the fall and her dress had slid up, exposing her pussy. I noticed she had no panties on. I wiffe where they went, I thought with a small chuckle. She looked up at me and told me not to worry that I was the only man to see her pussy that night. Then she looked at the two men standing next to me staring at her pussy and she began to laugh. She was very drunk. She also tried to explain that the reason she came home with these two men and not her girlfriend was that she wanted to leave early. She was drunk for sure. I thought it was a little too dressy for the clubs in the area but that was what she wore.

    I am pretty sure she wanted to get fucked by someone else that night even before she left the house based on her choice of wearing this dress. The dress was long, black, very low cut front, and an open back. She looked like such a fuck in it. By the way on our first real date to the orchestra when I saw her for the first time in this dress, she went off to the ladies room while I was getting some wine. Back at the Jeep I asked the two men to help me get her up and take her inside. They picked her up and walked, or I should say, carried my wife to the front door, one man on each side of her, holding her up.

    The two men smiled and I led them with my wife inside. The two men helped my wife through the living room and hallway and into the bedroom. Although she made a pathetic attempt to walk these two men basically had to carry her. Once we got to the bedroom I told the men it was time to undress her. They both got horny fuck smiles on their faces. My wife, Karen, told me she was tired and just wanted to go to bed.

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