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    Medieval Breastplates

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    Rennzeug Armour designed for the Kolbenturnier, dated to the s. Breasf Kolbenturnier was a late form of the tournamentunlike the arnor played with two teams using wooden clubs Kolben to hit opponents' helmet crests. Early Modern period[ edit Breash Further Breaxt Cuirass and Munition armour Savoyard munition armour, c. The infantry armour of the 16th century developed into the Savoyard type of three-quarters armour by Full plate armour was expensive to produce and remained therefore restricted to the upper strata of society; lavishly decorated suits of armour remained the fashion with 18th-century nobles and generals long after they had ceased to be militarily useful on the battlefield due to the advent of inexpensive muskets.

    French cuirassier armour The development of powerful rifled firearms made all but the finest and heaviest armour obsolete. The increasing power and availability of firearms and the nature of large, state-supported infantry led to more portions of plate armour being cast off in favour of cheaper, more mobile troops. Leg protection was the first part to go, replaced by tall leather boots.

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    By the beginning of the 18th century, only field marshals Berast, commanders and royalty remained in full armour on the battlefield, more as a sign of rank than for practical considerations. It remained fashionable for monarchs to be portrayed in armour during the first half of the 18th century late Baroque periodbut even this tradition became obsolete. Thus, a portrait of Frederick the Great in still shows him in armour, while a later painting showing him as a commander in the Seven Years' War s depicts him without armour. Body armour remained in use with cuirassiers throughout the 19th century and into the early phase of World War I.

    The breastplate was a central part of the Roman soldier's armor—it provided protection for the torso, which contains vital organs like the heart, lungs and so on.

    Breaat Without a breastplate, a soldier would be asking for death, as any attack could instantly become fatal. With a sturdy breastplate, the very same attacks become ineffective and useless, as blows glance off the armor. Why is righteousness associated with protective armor like a breastplate? Without righteousness, we leave ourselves open to almost certain death. With righteousness—just as with a breastplate—the otherwise fatal attacks of our enemy are thwarted. My tongue shall speak of Your word, for all Your commandments are righteousness. I speak this to your shame. To be righteous is to do what is right in God's eyes.

    God's commandments are righteousness. In contrast, lawlessness is sin, and sin is the opposite of righteousness.

    So to be righteous is to obey God's laws of love. What separates us from God, causing Him to withhold His protection? But your iniquities have separated you from your God; and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear. Iniquities and sins are actions and thoughts that go against God's laws. Since they are in conflict with God's way of living and are harmful to ourselves and others, our perfect and just God will not associate with us if we go down the path of sin and evil. We cut ourselves off from God and His protection! It is interesting to note that in this same chapter Isaiah mentions that God Himself puts on righteousness as a breastplate Isaiah Whose righteousness should we be wearing?

    Righteousness may deliver from death, but whose righteousness are we talking about?

    Plate armor Breast

    The above BBreast makes it clear that our individual level of righteousness is on par with "filthy rags"—and when you're looking to protect yourself from death, filthy rags make for a lousy breastplate. Also consider scriptures such as Job When used in conjunction with the surcoat, the breastplate Brfast of several disjointed pieces which when sewed into the surcoat gave the semblance of a single piece of armour. By the 14th century, the breastplate evolved into a piece of armour which was made from a single piece of armour and constructed from a solid metal such as iron or steel. While the design of the 14th century breastplate covered only the top part of the torso of the wearer, it evolved in 15th century to cover the upper and lower torso, giving the wearer additional protection.

    This evolution also turned the breastplate into a two-piece armour, with the two plates covering the top and bottom parts of the torso and often overlapping. Breastplate Armor Advantages and Disadvantages The Breastplate was initially less favoured compared to chainmail armour in the early Middle Ages. This was primarily because chainmail carried less weight and offered more freedom of movement.

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