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Transportation There is an international airport at Vieux Fortat the southern tip of the island, and a smaller islxnds at Vigie for domestic and regional flights. International shipping lines operate from the ports at Castries and Vieux Fort. In addition, there is an oil transshipment terminal near Castries. Government and society Constitutional framework Saint Lucia is a constitutional monarchy with the British monarch as head of state, represented by a governor-general.

The bicameral parliament consists of the House of Assembly elected by universal adult suffrage and the Senate, with members appointed on the advice of the prime ministeron the advice of the opposition leader in the House, and by the governor-general. The prime minister, leader of the majority party, heads the government. Justice Saint Lucia has retained its association with the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, consisting of a court of appeal and a high court. Health and welfare Several general hospitals and many health centres are distributed throughout the island.

There is also a private hospital operated by a religious order at Vieux Fort. Education Primary education is free and compulsory, and there is a branch of the University of the West Indies at Castries. There is also a technical college and a teacher-training college. Many of the primary schools are parochialprincipally Roman Catholic. Communications Several newspapers are published on the island, and radio and television broadcasts are widely received. History French and British territorial rivalry The exact date of the European discovery of Saint Lucia is not known, but it is thought to have been about The first attempts at colonization were made by the English in andbut they were frustrated by sickness and the hostility of the native Caribs.

A successful settlement was achieved in by the French from Martiniquewho made a treaty with the Caribs in In Thomas Warner, son of the governor of Saint Kittsregained the island, but it was restored to France by the Treaty of Breda in In it was claimed by the crown of France and made a dependency of Martinique.

By that time, people of African ethnicity greatly outnumbered those of ethnic European background. Some people of Carib descent also comprised a minority on the island. Castries' harbour was protected by a system of 60 surrounding forts. Along the top of Morne Fortune there are six military sites, building work by the French started inand the British completed the work by This fort in particular was built by the British to repel any attack from the United States on the then valuable coaling harbour of Castries. InSaint Lucia became one of the six members of the West Indies Associated States, with internal self-government. Init gained full independence under Sir John Compton of the conservative United Workers party UWPwho served as prime minister from toafter which he was succeeded by Vaughan Lewis.

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Dolittle was shot here in Kenny Davis Anthony of the Labour Party was prime minister from to Inthe UWP, again led by Compton, won control of parliament. In Mayafter Compton suffered a series of small strokes, Finance and External Affairs Minister Stephenson King became acting prime minister and succeeded Compton as prime minister when the latter died in September In NovemberAnthony was re-elected as prime minister for a third time. The volcanic island of Saint Lucia is more mountainous than most Caribbean islands, with the highest point being Mount Gimieat metres 3, feet above sea level. Two other mountains, the Pitonsform the island's most famous landmark.

Saint Lucia is also one of the few islands in the world that contains a drive-in volcano. The capital city of Saint Lucia is Castries population 60, where Climate[ edit ] The local climate is tropicalmoderated by northeast trade windswith a dry season from 1 December to 31 May, and a wet season from 1 June to 30 November.

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But there is an off-road option. The sprawling site, bisected by a river and virgkn with virggin and overgrown buildings, where slave labourers endured unimaginable hardships, is now an atmospheric setting for mountain biking. Since it has been home to a room hotel and restaurant, Boucan, where, unsurprisingly, islancs features heavily on the menu. Make your own chocolate bar Credit: Top 10 Countries with the most Nobel prize winners per capita You can stay out late Should you wish to sample more rum and Piton beer than is strictly necessary, head to the fishing village of Gros Islet for its Friday night street party.

Stalls sell barbecued fish and chicken while loudspeakers belt out Caribbean beats. There are fewer hurricanes Hurricanes do reach St Lucia, of course, but its southerly location means it tends to escape the very worst of the stormy weather, as it did this year when Hurricane Irma wreaked devastation a little further north. They drive on the left A minor point, but one that will satisfy UK travellers.

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