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And between andthe number of Utah's high-school students who work rose 10 percent, making burjettes state budnettes in the nation for teen Teen burnettes, according to the Drexel report. But they do widely agree that working while still in high school is good for adolescents, and with the right clothes, a respectful demeanor and a good attitude, Teen burnettes a year-old can land a summer job with a paycheck. And when a teen goes to burnetyes, chances are his parents have worked hard, as well. Why teens aren't Tsen In the yearmore than half of American teenagers worked, not just during the summer, but in any given month, according to Harrington and other bugnettes of the Drexel report.

It hit a low of slightly under 34 percent in and has hovered at 34 to 35 percent since then. This year, with overall unemployment at around 4 percent, Harrington said he was expecting to see an uptick in teen employment, but inthe numbers remained steady at Others note burmettes more students are in school year-round, or attending summer programs. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on parents who discourage their girls from getting jobs at restaurants because of the potential for sexual harassment. One potential reason that has been dismissed is growing laziness. The Atlantic reported last year that the number of teens considered NEETs — "neither in education, employment or training" — hovers consistently at about 7 percent.

Christine Chu, an admissions counselor for IvyWisea New York-based business that provides coaching for families on gaining admission to elite schools, said her work with students includes conversations about what they'll be doing over the summer. Some parents and students decide that specialized camps or volunteer work might be better on their applications than a minimum-wage job. Many students forego employment to get a head-start in their field, Chu said. Students planning a career in science, for example, often look for research opportunities over the summer. I had a student who did that last year. A recent Gallup poll found that only 5 percent of Americans believe this year's high-school graduates are ready for the workforce.

Josh Burnette, owner of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas, has seen this unpreparedness in the young people who ask him for jobs, and he, with a friend, wrote a book about preparing for adulthood, called " Adulting It was pretty sad to see how unprepared they are. Heather Tuttle Teens, summer jobs and family income This helps to explain what seems like an anomaly: Normalizing this for the teen, coupled with reassurance that over time this will improve, can be helpful. The vast majority of young males will experience masturbation and nocturnal emissions before 18 years of age. It is appropriate to tell teenagers that masturbation is common and normal, and that it does not lead to any physical or mental illness.

Although it is unusual, some boys need reassurance that spontaneous erections and masturbation are not signs that they are perverted or have an unhealthy mind. Both should be considered to be aspects of normal sexuality for adolescents. Very rarely, masturbation can become a compulsive behaviour that the teen is concerned about or a parent becomes aware of. In this situation, an underlying mental health problem or past trauma should be investigated. The most common form of sexual dysfunction in young men is premature ejaculation. This self-limiting condition usually resolves as the boy matures.

Other forms of impotence or erectile dysfunction are unusual during the adolescent years.

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Priapism is a persistent painful penile erection, unassociated with burnettess stimulation, but it can be associated with local irritation, blunt Teeen trauma or the use of drugs alcohol and marijuana. Involvement of a urologist early burneftes the management of priapism is important. Common chief complaints include acute infections such as strep throat or mononucleosisdermatological problems particularly acneexacerbation of a chronic condition such as asthma and sports-related injuries. Although neoplasms in teenagers are unusual, they are the leading medical cause of death in teenage boys The overall mortality rate for young men increases almost sixfold between 10 to 14 years of age and 20 to 24 years of age.

Most of these deaths are due to unintentional injuries motor vehicle crashessuicide and homicide, all of which are often associated with alcohol and substance abuse. The presence of firearms in the house significantly increases the risk of suicide in adolescent males Violence and illegal activity Violence and illegal activity can be of concern in adolescent boys. Adolescents who have been physically or mentally abused at home and have been bullied at school may be more susceptible to get into fights or be violent. Poor school performance has been identified in some reports as one of the most important predictors of criminal behaviour Substance use and abuse Use of alcohol and marijuana is very prevalent in the adolescent population.

Males are much more likely than females to binge drink five or more drinks at one time and also drive a vehicle while intoxicated 4.

Burnettds is important for health care professionals to identify adolescents who initiate alcohol or substance use at an Teem age, because they may be involved in multiple health Teej behaviours Those who engage in multiple risk behaviours are more likely to have unprotected sexual intercourse, increasing the rate of pregnancy and STIs. Heterosexual orientation should not be presumed buurnettes young men, and questions about dating Teen burnettes sexual attraction should be sex neutral. Having had burnettea activity with someone of the same sex does not mean the teen is gay; many gay teens have never had sexual encounters with someone Tefn the same sex.

Mental health Mood and anxiety disorders are among the most prevalent mental health conditions affecting youth. Major depressive disorders, suicidal ideation and adolescent adjustment reactions should be considered in the male who presents with psychosocial changes decrease in school performance, increasing conflict with parents and authority, loss of interest in activities or frequent, or minor somatic complaints. Boys may be reluctant to seek care for Teen burnettes problems, fearing that this may be perceived as a weakness.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the clinician to bring up these topics with young men. Depression and suicide are being recognized with increasing frequency among adolescent male patients, and it is important to recognize that agitation and aggression could be a sign of depression in adolescent boys, more so than in girls. Although suicide attempts requiring medical attention are more common for females, the completed suicide rate is far greater for males. Suicidal ideation in young men, particularly if associated with alcohol and drug use, should always be taken seriously, and appropriate referrals should be made to mental health services.

It is also important to recognize early psychosis, which often presents during the teen years. Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder ADHD has a prevalence of 7. Males are approximately three times more likely to have ADHD than females, and those with untreated ADHD and school failure may have associated comorbidities such as oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder. These youth may exhibit behaviours such as truancy, substance abuse, family and peer conflict. Driving vehicles is also problematic, with increased associated accidents and traffic violations A comprehensive approach to treatment, including dealing with educational needs, medication and any comorbid conditions, is important.

Recent Canadian data 27 indicate that for early-onset eating disorders diagnosed before 14 years of agethe number of males affected is higher than females ratios of In addition to the typical symptoms, presenting symptoms of eating disorders in boys may include overexercise, intense bodybuilding, the use of anabolic steroids, and preoccupation with body shape and musculature. Weight loss or gain may occur. The symptoms can go undetected for long periods of time because they may not be alarming to parents, teachers or coaches. Much research on eating disorders excludes males, but some factors are believed to increase the risk of disordered eating among males, including participation in certain sports such as wrestling or running and premorbid obesity.

Psychiatric comorbidity is common, particularly depression, low self-esteem and substance abuse. Treatment and outcome seem to mirror that of females with eating disorders. Although not classified as an eating disorder, obesity rates are rising in adolescent males. This may be related to increased sedentary activities television, video games, computers and Internet usefewer aerobic activities and increased portions in meals 4. These special groups, depending on circumstance, may experience health and mental health difficulties more often than their peers.

Tene These young men include burnettex youth, street youth, Aboriginal youth, gay or transgendered youth, inner-city youth, recent immigrants, and youth victims of abuse, violence or neglect. A few examples may illustrate burnehtes importance of burnehtes these higher risk youth and the issues that they are facing. Many had a past history of physical and sexual abuse Tesn childhood Tene A burettes example involves males who are, or who worry they might be homosexual. These young men have Ten higher rate of suicide, at-risk behaviours burnettess are more often victims of violence 29 — Without a doubt, health care for these special populations of young men can burnetfes extra challenges; nonetheless, burjettes is important to identify these young Teeh and offer them as much comprehensive health care as possible.

Burneettes identification of high-risk youth, forging an alliance and inviting them to return to see the physician have the potential to reduce negative health outcomes. Conversely, Teeb to illness may make them feel vulnerable and as if they are not living up to a perceived standard of male behaviour. Young males are often much more reluctant than girls to discuss issues involving mental burjettes, relationships or sexuality Parents may also play a role because they may not encourage health maintenance visits, feeling that their son is healthy. Fathers may not role model good self-care and the need for health maintenance visits. Despite these obstacles real and perceivedthere are ways to attract and connect with adolescent boys One place to start is with the parents of young men.

When boys are in their prepubertal years, physicians can make sure that they have educated the parents about the value of health maintenance visits for their soon-to-be teenager. Parents can be educated on the need to assume an active role during their sons transition from childhood into young adulthood to ensure that they receive routine and preventive health care, care for chronic health conditions and medical evaluation for somatic symptoms. It is vital to take every opportunity with an adolescent boy to talk about issues beyond the presenting complaint. Time may not always allow for a thorough HEADSS interview at each visit 3940but at the very least, the physician can let the teen know about the importance of regular checkups and that they are welcome to contact the physician if they experience any concerns about their health or well being.

Physicians should allow for opportunities during health care visits to teach adolescent males about signs and symptoms of diseases. They can take opportunities during preparticipation athletic examinations to assess and refer as needed for health risk behaviours and exposure to violence and abuse. When planning follow-up visits with teen boys, especially those with chronic conditions, frequent, short visits can be more productive than infrequent visits in which there is much to discuss. The most important tool for connecting with the adolescent male by far is good communication.

Because many boys find it hard to talk about themselves, it is important to start with nonthreatening questions and progress to more sensitive areas, even going back and forth from sensitive questions to more neutral topics. For some boys, too many personal topics at one visit may be overwhelming, and returning to these topics at subsequent visits may be better tolerated. The reasons for more intimate questions should be explained. Boys may not naturally see a connection between psychosocial stressors and physical symptoms. Also, boys are often more open to authority figures, taking a problem-solving approach rather than spending time delving into emotional aspects or causes of their problems.

Of course, an explanation of the limits of confidentiality should precede the interview. When encountering an adolescent male in the health care setting, physicians should assess and foster protective factors to promote resiliency. Although this is generally a physically and emotionally healthy group, there are significant health care issues involving puberty, sexual health, risk behaviours, substance use and mental health. These issues present challenges to the physician, but also important opportunities to connect with young men, teach them about how their bodies work, reduce the incidence of risky behaviours, and intervene early in young men with psychosocial problems such as mood, body image or substance use problems.

Physicians must be knowledgeable about their common health concerns so that they can anticipate which issues may be important to them. Rosen DS, Rich M, editors. State of the Art Reviews.

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