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    Female Breast Suit

    Nipple then I have become a really firm young in the dual of concept male strippers through extensive contact and nipple due has become one of the more relevant aspects of historical play. Troupe Place Why Triplets.

    Humming to herself, she reached in and scooped nippke a pair of lacy pink nylon panties. I remembered buying them for her the previous Christmas. I wriggled uncomfortably as she lay the nilple of her panties across my mouth and nose, saying. But I know different. With a shudder I breathed in the heady aroma, as she anointed my cheeks, ears and eyes with her panties, then ordered me to my feet and dressed me in them. For bed she began dressing me as a slut in the laciest, sheerest lingerie. It was always lingerie she had worn that day, and sometimes for a few days, steeped in her personal scents.

    She made me up like a whore and then went to work on my nipples, sucking them vigorously and rubbing them, tweaking them, even putting little clamps on them. I was always aware of them now, often painfully so!! Then, one night about three months ago, I awoke to find myself spread-eagled and shackled to the four bedposts. Janet came in a minute later, grinning widely.

    In one hand she held a hood with some sort of attachment, and in the other two bottles of pills. She put the pills down on the bedside table and slipped the hood over my head, lacing it up in back. She adjusted the front, and suddenly a tube penetrated my mouth and almost pressed on my tongue — any longer and I would have gagged. I saw through my eyeholes that the tube extended about two feet in front of me. Janet was holding the other end, still smiling at me. With the hood over my nose, I was forced to breathe through the tube in my mouth. One pill was small and purple, and the other rather larger, round and white.

    You see, your nipples are about as large as I can make them by sucking and torture. The time has come to grow breasts on you. I tried not to swallow it, but Janet plugged the opening of the tube until I did. She then repeated the process with the Premarin, and suddenly I was on my way to boobs! But except for Sally, no one else yet knew about our Mistress-slave relationship.

    Not until three weeks ago, when she called me in to her bedroom one morning and said she was giving a card party for some of her female executive friends. What could I do? Just try my best to pass and hope no one noticed I was really a feminized man! For weeks now I knew I had no hope to return to my life as a man, as my nipples swelled and became painfully sensitive, then were raised up by two mounds forming on my chest! Several voices in the room exclaimed in surprise. And I knew suddenly what every woman in the room was thinking, what was really amusing them: They knew they were looking at a ruined male, who had been turned into an abject, feminized slave for life! She chuckled and did it again, as she did every morning, despite my pleas.

    Is this the Gender Clinic? I spoke with Dr.

    With the tendency over my nose, I was involved to breathe through the pro in my mouth. Carrie was hard the other end, still looking at me. Yes, he is more now for singles.

    Rhoda the other day about my husband. Yes, he is ready now for implants. My husband is looking forward to reminize operation. Yes, of course he will sign the consent form. This time she heard Sisey. So one false move or word of protest, and you can kiss your little clitty good-bye, for good! Now we will dress and drive to the clinic. Oh dear, I almost did swallow it! She delighted in oscillating me berast between pleasure and pain. She sprayed me with her personal perfume, then removed the elaborately frilled lacy panties she had worn all yesterday and all night long, rubbed their crotch briefly across my nose and lips, then pulled them up over the garter straps and my imprisoned penis.

    I was anxious to see how large it was! A frilly blouse with flounced sleeves and a bolero jacket completed my upper ensemble, while black capris and sandals with 2-inch heels, exposing my nyloned feet and ankles, completed me down below. Fixing a saucy beret on my head and smoothing down my brows with a spit-moistened finger, Janet declared me almost fit to travel. She finished my dolling-up with a little dash of pink lipstick on my lips, a touch of rouge to my cheeks and light eye makeup — she liked to understate the feminine appearance of my face, so that people would still guess I am a man — and changed my earrings to more dangling, sluttish-looking ones with small pearls.

    I drove us to the clinic, anxious to prevent any accidental swallowing on her part by doing all the work of driving, holding the doors for her, even helping her into her chair in the waiting room.

    Nipple feminize breast Sissy

    And when the nurse presented me with the consent form, I signed it immediately, as Janet stamped her foot impatiently, not daring to take the time to read it! The other weekend I met up with a lovely lady called Mistress Playtime. We first spoke at a Femdom event after she contacted me thanks to this blog. What I really want is for Alice to have real breasts. Hormones would also affect her performance, which puts this out of the question too. So what to do? Apparently after prolonged use they permanently increase breast size. Since she had them with her I tried them on Alice. They really did expand her nipples and breast area although after a while they went down again.

    The articles said that these suction pumps create tissue expansion on breasts by applying tension on them. A consistent regular tension on the breasts along with increased blood flow will make the cells increase and reshape and increase the chest by producing new breast tissue. It only takes about 30 minutes each day. It seems too good to be true and the articles say that it works for anyone, including feminised males. Apparently, the more you use the pump, the more it will stretch and expand the breast tissues to make them expand and grow.

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