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    New LGBT rights case offers 3 timely lessons on workplace harassment

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    This victory emplpyees significant because it gives the EEOC the basis to continue pursuing LGBT discrimination protections at a time when other federal government agencies may be moving in the opposite direction. In addition, with many well-known companies facing a wave of harassment allegations, this case offers some critical lessons for employers on how to protect against such claims. The Facts At its core, this case represents a pretty typical harassment case — except that the harassment is based on sexual orientation. The employee, a telemarketer at a Pittsburgh area medical center, was subjected to derogatory comments about his sexual orientation, gay slurs, and intrusive questions about his personal life and relationships by his supervisor.

    The employee filed a charge of discrimination with the EEOC, which harras,ent agency tay to resolve. When those attempts proved unsuccessful, however, the EEOC filed a lawsuit. The court noted that: Often, gay or lesbian victims of harassment are emplpyees legitimately fearful that their sexual orientation, rather than the harassment that they have suffered, will be the focus of any inquiry. In one case, the plaintiff identified as lesbian and was advised that the other female employees at the workplace had long hair, carried purses, wore makeup, and wore women's shoes. She was told that she needed to lose weight to look more like a woman and that she should come to her harasser's office and get weighed to see how overweight she was, and she was called at home about her weight.

    In one incident, she was ordered to take off her clothes down to her underwear, which she did, in a state of shock.

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    Another harasser said that her practice of carrying a wallet in her back pocket was gay. She was also asked if she was one of "those gay people" and whether she had a boyfriend. However, in the end, tne federal New York district court found that there was no sexual orientation discrimination harrasmetn that the two more serious incidents of sexual harassment, while upsetting, were too far apart nine years and not severe enough or pervasive enough to constitute sexual harassment under Title VII. If you have experienced damaging harassment or discrimination at work from a homophobic superior or coworker, attorney Geoff Lyon can help. Managers, supervisors, co-workers and business owners cannot penalize or harass you in the workplace in any way based on your sexual orientation.

    Same-Sex Harassment from Gay Coworkers and Superiors Is Illegal, Too While popular perceptions regarding sexual orientation harassment and discrimination involve prejudice against gays by straight-run or straight-managed businesses, harassment also occurs between gay and gay-perceived employees. In fact, most sexual orientation harassment cases we handle involve gay individuals harassing another gay person or someone perceived as being gay.

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    In a jlb case we handled, a gay superior perceived a subordinate as gay. The superior harassed the subordinate, made advances, and later terminated the employee when rejected. The case settled for a substantial sum.

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