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4 Major Differences Between Pediatrics And Adult Nurses

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The first major difference between adult and pediatric nursing njrsing the role age plays in nursing care. Axult a pediatric nurse, you could have 3- 5 patients of nrsing different ages. As a nurse, this means different reasoning strategies to convince them to take medications, different coping abilities for traumatic or painful procedures, different physical skills based on motor development, different cognitive abilities, different lab value and vital sign normal ranges… the list goes on. With adults, the majority fall within very consistent expected cognitive, emotional, physical, and clinical data ranges.

When you discuss a procedure or a diagnosis to an adult patient, you can use logical explanations to help them understand what to expect. With children, you are explaining in one manner to the parents, and entirely differently to the pediatric patient.

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I have seen plenty of adults that need more babysitting and reminders for baths and meds than peds patients. Even adults like to nnursing sometimes. A 5 Axult vs. Adult nurses usually have carf good understanding of disease pathophysiology, and how one body nursng affects another. Majority of the respondent, Regarding the admission wards Patients need and expectation Regarding patients perceived need and expectation, more than three fourth of the participants positively reported that the nurse checked their ID cards prior to administering medication. A significant proportion About half of the subjects said that the doctors and the nurses work in collaboration for giving services and a little less than half said that nurses perform their services without waiting for doctors.

On the other hand Percentage mean satisfaction score was calculated based on percentage of maximum scale score Table 4. Factors associated with patient satisfaction We assessed the association of dependent and independent variable by using bivariate regression model followed by multivariate regression model. The result of multivariate analysis showed that age, sex ,educational status, occupation, frequency of admission, duration of hospitalization, other disease, particular care giving nurse were not significantly associated.

The results showed that significant predictors of patient satisfaction with nursing care were perceived need, expectation and duration of hospitalization. A unit score increase in perceived need score will lead to 0. A unit score increase in expectation score will lead to 0. Discussion Patient satisfaction is an important indicator of quality of healthcare in a hospital setting. The deference may be due to difference in setting and duration of stay, need and expectations in Nairobi hospitals. These findings similar with the findings of Adult nursing care, who studied improving patient satisfaction through the consistent use of scripting by the nursing staff and pointed out that demographic characteristics seem to be unimportant [ 11 ].

The results of this study also showed a significant positive association between perceived need and expectation of care with patient satisfaction score during hospital stay. Perceived need was one of the predictor in the final model. A unit score increase in Perceived need will lead to 0. If the perceived needs of the patient fulfilled they would have been more satisfied with nursing care they received. The reform has been implemented in all hospitals. The hospitals were selected based on their number of beds and large number admitted patients. HFSUH is a teaching university hospital of Haramaya University with a total of beds and having medical, surgical, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatric wards.

Jugel Hospital is a regional referral hospital of the Harari National Regional State with 95 beds and medical, surgical and gynecology wards. Dil Chora Referral Hospital is a referral hospital of the Dire Dawa City Administration with a total of beds and with medical, surgical, gynecology and psychiatric wards.

Informed assured consent was bad from all respondents bud to the study. The nude dancing bureau and other assorted offices were informed by alerts while controversial posting was obtained from old during data collection.

All inpatient nursing care including post operative care is being done in all the hospitals. The study was conducted from September 1 to 30, Study Design An institution based cross- sectional quantitative study design was used. In order to select representative sample of patients from each hospitals, the total number of inpatients in the last six months was considered to estimate total number of patients that would be admitted during the study period one month and this was proportionally allocated in each hospital.

Nursing associates undertake academic learning one day a week and work-based learning in a variety of settings the rest of the week. More information about nursing associate apprenticeships is available from the NHS health careers website. When students complete their nursing degrees, their universities pass on their details to the NMC, which then gets in touch to let them know how to create an online account and apply for registration.

Nurses are required to renew their registration and pay the registration fee each year, and must revalidate their registration every three years. In order to revalidate registration, nurses must have completed a minimum of 35 hours continuing professional development CPD and hours registered practice over three years. Nurse First, a pilot two-year fast-track programme for graduates who want to enter nursing, has recently been launched by NHS England, and combines hands-on experience and training with an educational course.

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