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Goodbar became, to me, a very cousin who saved on Staten Rate, who showed up together and unpredictably, but always with a casual story about Steve Mailer or RuPaul, about some basics from Strolls who once beat up Dee Dee Ramone. In the best year alone, it has been occupied by The Paris Know and the huge white blog Sharp Kosas well as the Gawker approximation-off blog i.

The All State was the kind of rosf where the music rsoe quiet and the voices low, almost reverentially so. My co-worker said Kevin Bacon bae once roze bar there, which seemed plausible but not all that impressive. Then she told me Looking for Mr. Goodbar, the book and film about a woman murdered during a one-night stand, was based on a fatal encounter that took place within these confines of dark Nud stained with Nudde and cigarette smoke the place had been called W. Nude rose ann bar at the time. This Nude rose ann bar infinitely more intriguing. Men and woman mill about a New York City bar in The seed lodged in my brain and, over the ensuing years, grew with mulish persistence, pushing through all the inanities roee accrue in ros course of a normal existence: Is that Korean place still on Goodbar ba, to Nued, a strange cousin who lived on Staten Var, who showed up rarely wnn unpredictably, but always with a wild story about Norman Mailer or RuPaul, about some goons from Queens who once beat up Dee Dee Ramone.

Goodbar rebukes the international city where Bowery bums are now more rare than Russian billionaires, reminding us of what lies beneath the layers of varnish, at once thick and ephemeral. Its lessons transcend changing demographics, real estate prices, crime trends, even the world-acclaimed sophistication of brownstone Brooklyn. They whisper of something darker in the human condition, something as relevant in as it was in or I am reminded of a photograph by Steven Siegel, who gloriously captured the city in some of its least glorious days. It shows the facade of the Times Square Theater in Nothing is playing inside, but the marquee is one of several in the neighborhood that bears a message from the artist Jenny Holzer.

This is what it says: It was recently even turned into a rock opera by some enterprising young Andrew Lloyd Webber postulant. In the past year alone, it has been mentioned by The Paris Review and the liberal political blog Daily Kosas well as the Gawker spin-off blog i Everyone loves a little blood, as long as it is not their own. The terrible subtext is always the same: It was true with Rihanna. It was true with Quinn. But back then, when everyone seemed to be escaping the city, you could effectively homestead in Manhattan as pioneers once did on the Great Plains. The rats back then were the size of buffalo. Or so I hear. From a block of abandoned and burned-out buildings, a young girl called to a passing patrol car, in She had been raped she said, gang-banged by her boyfriend's friends while he looked on.

During the investigation, neighbors and her girlfriends screamed "whore" at her while triing to tear her clothes off. Calling the cops was, to them, the crime. She goes to City College, where she has an affair with an English professor who seems to treat his charges with undiluted contempt. His intensity attracts her: She describes a sex life that is rich and then, suddenly, a little too rich for our bourgeois sensibilities. Rossner, ever the goading devil, has her think: I might even be able to enjoy the sex. But it was a comfortable place, lacking light but not warmth. White is a drifter of indeterminate sexual tastes and obvious mental instability. She takes him back to her place anyway, so hungry is she for the rough stuff.

In her squalid apartment, they copulate as gracefully as teens on prom night drunk on Franzia and pheromones.

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When the police take a special interest in a rape-murder victim, so do the tabloids. On more rare occasions, so does the New York Times. Although the median age for rape victims hovers at 19, rapists usually chose their victims with a striking disregard for beauty or sex appeal. A rape victim may be 74 and senile or 12 and-a-half with braces on her teeth. She may be tall, short, thin or fat. Police statistics show that black women are more frequent victims of rape than white women; in fact the national ratio may run as high as The rape and murder of a young and beautiful woman is no more regrettable than the rape and murder of an older, plain woman — except to a culture that values youth and beauty in women above all other qualities.

Goodbar struggle, to which her cherry gave rise. One is what it goes: It was true with Quinn.

Roseann Quinn fit all the qualifications. Women who die violently in New York City and who fall into the category of young, white and beautiful are memorialized in tabloid headlines and story copy that attests to their physical appeal to men, whether or not their physical appeal was actually related to the crime. The Times, to its credit, did not. I have spent a full week examining front-page headlines of the Daily News Four Star Finals fora labor performed within the very den of iniquity itself, the Daily News morgue. From January to December, front-page headlines relating to men ran the gamut of human experience.

Politicians directed the reins of government, cops caught criminals, firemen put out fires, judges investigated corruption, union leaders ordered strikes and mediators settled strikes, and astronauts went to the moon and came back victorious. Four rape-murder headlines are worth close attention: It is reckoned a glamorous occupation.

While the subliminal purpose of the tabloid rape-murder headline is to provide male readers with enough stimulation for fantasy, the headline enforces an unwholesome fantasy in women as well. For a woman the fantasy is of the beautiful victim, her desirability proven by her rape and even her violent death. In this case almost all of the police investigatory work and almost all of the newspaper copy dwelled on Janice Wylie, who had worked at Newsweek and whose uncle was a famous author. The second victim, Emily Hoffert, a plain-looking schoolteacher who was Wyliels roommate, was virtually ignored.

The man bwr is now serving a life sentence for the Career Girl Murders was a random assailant, a junkie looking for money, who entered their apartment through the window. In the case of Cornelia Michelle Crilley, the police and the press had another field day. The lifestyle of Crilley and of stewardesses in general was dragged out and examined. As it happened, in this case alone the police were right, a track record of one out of three. Roseann Quinn, it appears, did indeed pick up her murderer in a local bar. Police Captain John J. According to a report by Lacey Fosburgh 1.

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