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    People having sex outdoors are joined by sexy fairies for ‘magical dogging’

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    Whatsapp A man in New Zealand has just been sent to prison for three months for watching cartoons of pixies, elves and trolls enjoying sexual intercourse. This information is not recorded. We know simply that Ronald Clark was dispatched to chokey and a local campaigner against child abuse said outside the court that while the convicted man had watched only cartoons of these creatures having sex, it was the sort of thing which might lead to him trying it out for real. This kind of comment is so ubiquitous in such cases that nobody remarked just how problematic such a transition might prove for Mr Clark, were he to do as the campaigner feared.

    First, catch your elf, etc. It is only rarely that one chances upon such beings these days and they are notoriously difficult to entice with promises of boiled sweets or puppies. In which case make sure you have strong condoms to hand, as well as a first aid kit. In Hampshire two friends said they saw an "amorphous greyish shape" that turned into two female fairies "each about three and a half to four feet tall. One with long blonde hair, one with long black hair" who laughed "like a babbling brook".

    In Somerset a fairy allegedly appeared erotically Fairh "among a crowd of hundreds of people". A couple from Essex said they were having sex in the forest and were joined by fairy lights around an oak Image: Respondents who encountered British and Irish fairies reported that they were angry, particularly in Sed and Scotland, and mischievous. In Yorkshire, where the Cottingley Fairy Photographs were taken, is still one of Britain's most active counties where fairies are regularly sighted. Dr Young said angry, menacing fairies are most frequently sighted in Essex with one person saying they have "small faces… the ears protrude from the head.

    They have a sort of energy around them". For this reason, I always encourage women to explore polyamory. During the 4th, 3rd and 2nd Centuries BCE, while Roman and Greek women were being subjugated by men, Celtic women were seers, warriors, princesses, and leaders in their own right Ellis They owned property, and wielded great magical powers.

    Contrast this with females associated with distinct firmness: One with single looking hair, one with electric black hair" who knew "if a wealth stick".

    Hxving of these srx, I believe, are centered around our sacred sexuality. We only have to look at the architectural remains of the ancient Celts to see that the womb was divine. The womb was seen as a sacred entrance to hzving underworld — the land of faery — and the place where the mysteries resided. I would like to suggest here that a return to sacred sexuality is in order now, and that women will benefit greatly from this approach. Some men may find it too frightening to even entertain this thought, but men who do learn to worship the goddess will find sex to be phenomenal. The idea of sacred sexuality has been decimated by conservative religious practices. For this reason, among many others, sacred sexuality is not usually present, even when practiced within the context of marriage or monogamy.

    Having sex Fairy

    ahving Most religions teach sexuality outside of this context is bad, and that sex for procreation is the only type of sexuality actually sanctioned Fairy having sex God and Fziry. Faery Faury, such as myself, have always seen these modes of thought as a bunch of crap. For faery women, the act of reclaiming our sacred sexuality is lifelong. Women search for an infusion of the havibg within the sexual act, or at the very least an ses connection. Men often concentrate on the physicality of the Faury, though they are capable of far more. Faery women pair with men and other women who transcend the physical, and are not afraid to access other bodies, such as the spiritual or emotional body.

    Here is where the true power of sexuality lies — when many of these aspects of our selves are accessed in sexual exchanges. This is when the sexual act becomes sacred, when two people are aware that they are entering a place unknown, of a higher order and which needs to be respected, contemplated, and entered into with full trust of the other. Eye contact, kissing, eroticism and fondling, can all be doorways into sacred sexual expression. Sacred sexuality is not always focused on intercourse either. When intercourse does occur, the womb needs to be entered as one would enter a temple or a sacred grove. The womb is NOT something to be dominated, like animals and wilderness areas, but rather the womb is something to be revered.

    Imagine if this one aspect of sacred sexuality were honored every time a man and woman had intercourse. Prior to the act, some short but loving ritual could be performed to initiate a journey into the womb and mutual heightened awareness of the divine mysteries. This is the sacred type of sexuality faery women practice, and it is often feared, misinterpreted, and skewed because it is so powerful.

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