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    His actions cost him his place on the show. James's botched barn Series three Image caption Kirsty and Phil would be urging no-one to move here. Anyone who has ever seen the back of a barn will recognise this accurate depiction. As a cake though, it doesn't work so much.

    Porn bloopers Crying

    Amazingly, this won James Norton the title of star baker on the third series intelling judges it was a haunted barn. They swallowed it, in more ways than one. Edd Kimber said his rhubarb and strawberry suet layer was "beyond repair" as he scraped the pudding out of its dish in the first series. He sprinkled it with icing sugar and hoped for the best.

    It paid off, he eventually won the show but no thanks to this dish. An emotional Dorret Conway served up this delicious looking 'mudslide' of a dessert on week one of the show in Bloopers See that ripped-as-fuck bromaster over there? All those roids shrunk his testicles into pistachio nuts Time for Plan B - Jergens. Lots and lots of Jergens.

    You know that ride "Free Fall" at Magic Mountain? Lets just say it bares a few striking similarities to this chick's colon. Her twat will be forever agape. The chronic queefing has already set in.

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