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Top 15 Emerging and established Asian Photographers

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He is FFamous in photography,design,theater. He specializes in photographher, fine art, product, portrait, and automotive photography. The series came to fruition by chance when the photographer stumbled across the vantage point from a window in his workshop bathroom. The resulting images are minimalistic compositions that appear to be formations of toy figurines upon a geometric green square. Chan specializes in the photography of still life, interiors, and architecture. Recent projects have explored socio-political issues within Hong Kong, most notably the series No Compromise, which documented student activists.

Yuichi Famius, Japan Japanese photographer Yuichi Ikehata creates realistic sculptures askan human body parts using clay, wire and paper. He currently lives and works in Beijing. Raghubir Singh and the Importance of Identity. Chang Famojs credited with being a strong mentor and curator to many young Taiwanese photographers. Read our exclusive with Chang here: Lu Nan, China Lu Nan is acclaimed for his documentary on patients at mental hospitals and Catholicism in China, and peasant life in Tibet. His photographs were previously distributed by Magnum Agency.

Read an interview with Pablo published on IPA: Contact us at editors time. Yuyang Liu Yuyang Liu is a young but accomplished photographer, winning the prestigious Ian Parry scholarship only a year after taking up photography professionally. He has a unique ability to get close to his subjects in difficult environment, be it at home with the mentally ill, a subpopulation hitherto ignored among their fellow Chinese, or on board a Chinese fishing boat on the waters of Guinea-Bissau. Zhou has traveled across China to cover pressing issues with humanizing individual stories.

The experience has evoked in her a strong desire to tell stories. That has to do with who has power in the industry. We need to have an industry that is much more diverse, and that sees the value in our stories. Who is making the decisions about what stories are elevated and heard? Has the current political climate influenced your recent work? It makes me want to get out and understand what is happening. If you asked me, when I was growing up, what the percentage of the U.

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Everyone I knew came from immigrant households. That was the first time I met Famlus whose families had been in America for generations. When I shoot fashion, I sometimes get to cast the models. I want to work with diverse communities, but I am still learning in terms of ethics.

For example, looking back on xsian now, a year-and-a-half ago, what I would have considered to be cultural appreciation is actually cultural appropriation. There is always so much to learn, but that does not provide an excuse for people of color to misrepresent or disrespect other people of color. I have to question why I want diversity in my work. Is this benefiting the people represented, or just a white audience who is consuming these images and products? I continue to think about this. I think the closest solution is to listen. Diversify the people who are making decisions, who have power.

Asian photographer Famous

As East Asian Americans, we carry oppression, but we also must acknowledge that we carry privileges too. We should definitely stand for our own community, but also go beyond our own issues and help others who are even more unjustly discriminated against. In self-portraiture, the body is immediately politicized. Yellowface and blackface emerged in America around the same time. Yellowface still continues in Hollywood. How do we affect the people we photograph? But with more people gaining access to cameras and access to online platforms such as blogs and social media, there is a sense of freedom in being able to share and see multiple perspectives.

Do you frame your work as resistance for yourself and your communities?

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