• Lube your tits

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    Use it during masturbation airports. Use it for immediate massage. This will give you and your relationship the narrow 69 ever!.

    Use lube when you want Take note that oil lubes are not great with condoms because condoms are made from latex and can be penetrated by oils.

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    Here are five sexy ways on how you can use lubes when having sex: Luube you are craving for a 69, you can make it even hotter by applying few drops of flavoured lubes on each other. You do not have any idea on how good this will feels to your man. There are made from oil, water, and petroleum or silicon. Grab your coconut oil, or any oil you have in your kitchen, and massage the sensual parts of your partner. Water-based lube is generally made from water making it soothing, great for sensitive skin and can be use to any type of sex toys but dries up so fast.

    Your tits Lube

    There are different types of lube you can find in the market. Having said these, lubes are really functional on tirs bed. As mentioned above, oil lubes are great to use for sexy massages and masturbation. Use it during blow jobs. Back massage is not only relaxing but also arousing. Oil lubes are basically the ones you can find in your kitchen. It is hypoallergenic and feels really velvety. Replacing spit with lube can actually provide your guy with more wetness.

    It can rescue a drying condom, can ease uncomfortable friction, can make any parts of the body slippier, titts cause sensual strokes, and many more. Spread some lube on your breast. This may sound gross and unusual but remember you often use spit in lubricating your guy. Coconut and olive oil are two examples and the most which work great when masturbating and massaging.

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