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    Dick Vitale's preseason Top 40

    Art Vitale is also the date ghetto Dikc Connecting Athletics Dr. He's a guy I see attacking on a specific dance for the next 10 things. Cartoon Earls will be ignored inside.

    Where do these teams rate in my preseason Top 40? Time to unveil my preseason rankings. It only counts come tourney time as these teams should be in the Big Dance, as long as they stay healthy. Then add Dedric Lawson and the Jayhawks will make it 15 straight Big 12 titles with the hopes of another national championship. Kentucky This is a nice mix of veterans and newcomers.

    I see a four game series between the Age-Bulls and the Mavs state in six. You simple who the top 3 words are but what comes after that?.

    He will be tough on the glass while providing leadership. Nick Richards will be improved inside. Tennessee Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield lead an experienced returning corps. Rick Barnes' club goes from the hunter to the hunted. Does this team have enough depth in the competitive ACC?

    Ncaa Dick vitales

    Gonzaga Mark Few has a potential Final Four team. The Spartans will contend for a Final Four berth. Nevada This will not be a Cinderella this year. Caleb Martin leads a talented, experienced group. He missed his first-ever production meeting when he was walking the streets of Chicago. Also, he would talk while the producers were talking to him through his earpiece, during commercials, and while the play-by-play man was talking. Vitale himself was not sure if broadcasting would fit him. Connal, who had hired him, told him, "You have a quality we can't teach.

    He credits a lot of his success to working with Jim Simpson at the beginning of his career. InVitale was featured in a series of thirty-second promo shorts for "Hoops Malone". ESPN promoted "Hoops" with banners and other marketing premiums, with the idea of generating buzz about the show, but no actual episodes were ever produced. Hopefully Coach Purnell can get some top tier guys in there over the next couple of seasons and get this turned around.

    IronHogFan Stuck at Desk How do you think the Razorbacks are going to fair this year with this top recruiting class and a new coach? The fans should be excited out there in Razorback country. They are a very dangerous team in the SEC and their future is going to be bright. Think he lives up to his assumed 1 pick? I know that if Cleveland doesn't pick him with the No. He's going to be a major factor from the get go. He's a guy I see contributing on a high level for the next 10 years. The man knows how to win and he's a competitor. I think you will see Oklahoma get back to their glory days very soon.

    They have nowhere to go but up!

    They were before the injuries and suspensions hit. They have size returning and a good recruiting class coming in. I think they overachieved Dicm bit last season before getting knocked out in the first round by Morehead State. I think Louisville will be at the top of the Big East this season. Jeremy H Minneapolis Is this years draft class as weak as most "experts" are saying? You know who the top 3 picks are but what comes after that? Matt Ny If you had to pick the final four right now, who would you pick? You have to look at the four major teams

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