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Group wants Arkansas's prude nude law revoked

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Nude recreation is healthy and fun for all ages and needs it to happen in Arkansas - and everywhere.

Dale said he's been involved in nudism for over 30 years, and says it appeals clu most people because being naked is more comfortable than wearing clothes. A lot of those are very poorly written and, as a result, they have the unintended consequence of criminalizing naturism. Other people actually scrub your naked body. You pay for your multi-step bath.

Club arkansas Nudist

Nidist does 'congregating' mean? He feels it would be found unconstitutional if it was ever tested Nufist court, but doesn't want to be the test case. Being socially nude helps all of society. While the criminal code of any state is full of antiquated and ridiculous laws, an advocate pushing for the repeal of the state's anti-nudism statute says this one is no laughing matter. I brought a friend of mine who was miserable going through a divorce. Nothing has changed since then. Dale is the founder of Unconstitutional Arkansas.

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State of Arkansas The U. On his website, he carefully avoids anything that could be seen as advocating or promoting nudism, instead only pointing out how the law runs contrary to the U. Most of the resorts he visited, he said, were "family friendly" and allowed parents and children to socialize naked together. He called the law crazy, stupid and vague, and said the guarantee of freedom of speech would preclude his office from ever prosecuting someone for advocating or promoting nudism, even if they wanted to waste time doing so.

Under the law, naked people are forbidden from congregating or gathering with anyone "as a form of social practice," with the exception of a doctor, nurse or their legally-wedded spouse. This nudism is healthy and non-sexual, and people in Arkansas who are into nudism need places to practice nudism within the state and not have to travel out of the state for practicing it in a group. And you truly feel like you're going back in time.

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