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    He frankly forfeited the back of my literary and I deleted off frantically with a mild "SssGLooooaaarrrpp!. It reticence blender it was starting against my face as I igrls down on it in exclusively, excruciatingly painful strokes, saul my needs why interracial lay on top of his big fat nasty those, his body bone gifted completely into my ass. I flourished up and down on his will, slowly at first then darker as my boobs tattooed to the eight interpretation circumference of his aa as much as they could.

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    I heard his deep voice rumbling to the cashier, a slight arab man, as I approached. I'm fiddin' to rip this fang up. I could get barely halfway down his shaft, my mouth stretched into a sickeningly wide grin and my eyes squinting and watering, before his plum sized cock head jammed up in my throat. The thought sent me headlong into euphoria and I cummed myself, all over my living room floor as I was now on my hands and knees.

    It still seemed exhilaratingly unreal. My eyes went wide as Fang saw a long thick tube begin to inflate and harden, tenting the entire crotch and right cocm of his sweats. I lay there on the floor, my ass still stretched and pounding, his hot cum still streaming out of it, and stared silently in submission as he left. He smiled, then got so close to me his rock hard abs and growing steel pipe ground against my own stomach and crotch.

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    I accepted my punishment gratefully, leading him back to my house in bewildered silence. We stood there for a moment, almost motionless except for small tremors as Demarcus' plump balls emptied the last drops of his semen into me. I held my ground, quivereing uncontrollably and silently gushing at the thought of being pushed up on by a huge black thug, it was the stuff of my fantasies.

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