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METHODS A retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted on individuals undergoing health checkups males and females. Fn subjects underwent laboratory testing, abdominal ultrasonography, colonoscopy, and an interview to ascertain the baseline characteristics and general state of health. Multinomial logistic regression analysis was performed Sexx examine the association between NAFLD and the prevalence of colorectal adenomatous and hyperplastic polyps. Furthermore, the relationship was analyzed in different sex groups. Subgroup analysis was performed based on number, size, and location of colorectal polyps.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, Health-check, Adenomatous polyps, Hyperplastic polyps Core tip: We utilized individuals undergoing health checkups to analyze the relationship between NAFLD and colorectal adenomatous and hyperplastic polyps. NAFLD is associated with colorectal adenomatous and hyperplastic polyps in men but not in women. Currently, the incidence of colorectal polyps and colorectal cancer has been increasing over recent decades worldwide[ 6 ]. Identifying risk factors for colorectal cancer and performing colonoscopy and polypectomy are considered efficient surveillance programs to detect colorectal polyps and reduce malignant progression and mortality among the general population[ 7 ].

In addition, some suggested that hyperplastic polyps could act as a marker for the future development of adenomas in the general population[ 8 - 11 ].

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLDa metabolic disease of the liver, is well recognized as the most prevalent chronic liver disease worldwide, and its prevalence is dramatically increasing both in Asian and Western countries[ 12 ]. Patients with NAFLD present higher levels of insulin, insulin resistance status and chronic inflammation conditions[ 13 - 15 ]. The present results are lower to those obtained from the latest Spanish Food Consumption Survey FCSthe latter performed in households non-alcoholic beverages contributed 5. All these mentioned surveys in Spain have been performed in the last five years.

The impact of sugared soft drink consumption on obesity and metabolic disorders has come under intense scrutiny and debate worldwide in recent yearsbut large differences between countries have been observed. The present study showed that sugared soft drinks contributed A higher consumption compared with mean contribution was seen in adolescents Higher consumptions were found, however, for children More efforts are needed in order to improve the diet quality of the youngest, but also to inform about the increasing variety of non-caloric drinks that are offered at present in the Spanish food market.

Finally, we found a low to moderate contribution from alcoholic beverages carbohydrates 1. Conclusions Current epidemiological studies in Europe focus on beverage intake and their contribution to nutrients intake are still scarce. From the limited data available and the diversity of the methodology used, the results showed that consumption of beverages is different between countries.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that the contribution of different beverages on macronutrient intake is often not provided in the studies. Therefore, further research is needed to clarify the present role of the Sex fen beverages market on the dietary habits and subsequent nutritional status of the Spanish population. Beverage groups mainly contributed to dietary macronutrients intake as total carbohydrates and sugar. For non-alcoholic beverages, in terms of age, Swx differences were very marked, showing a much higher Sxe in younger populations than in seniors, and mainly as sugared soft drinks and juices and nectars. As for alcoholic beverages, the contribution of macronutrients is lower for carbohydrates and sugar but is essentially by alcohol their contribution is higher as low alcohol content beverages in adult and elderly men.

Conflicts of interest The funding sponsors had no role in the design of the study, the collection, analysis, or interpretation of the data, writing of the manuscript, or in the decision to publish the results. The authors declare no conflicts of interest. Vienna declaration on nutrition and noncommunicable diseases in the context of health ; General principles for the collection of national food consumption data in the view of a pan-European dietary survey. Selection of methodology to assess food intake. Eur J Clin Nutr ;56 Suppl. Sources of information on food consumption in Spain and Europe.

Nutr Hosp ;31 3: Beverage and water intake of healthy adults in some European countries.

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Energy balance, a new paradigm and methodological issues:

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