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Witchcraft (Hentai Manga) by Yamatogawa (2015, Paperback)

Finding an injury a maintenance position with vague wages and no other species, Yukito midnight Witchcraf lucked out. Kazane then tells Chronoire profile Picture over for reproductive, but Chronoire responds that Pollard is her "career," and the two day each other to other the matchmaking.

However, Witchcfaft bear grows so large Witchcraft hentai its attacks destroy a significant portion of the town while leaving the people unharmed. Despite her daughter's loud objections, Komachi Takamiya agrees, revealing that she actually had an agreement with Kazane in the past that, because they couldn't get married to each other, their future children would be married to Wktchcraft other instead. Upon arriving at Ayaka's incredibly luxurious mansion, Ayaka and Honoka find themselves face-to-face with Witccraft escaped Medusa.

Ayaka tries to fight her, Wltchcraft Witchcraft hentai uses magic to turn her into stone. With Witchctaft other options left, Honoka swallows the candy that Chronoire gave him before, drawing out the White Princess, Evermillion. Evermillion uses her power to beat back Medusa, which ends up destroying most of the mansion and a large part of the school as well, angering Kazane enough to call for a Tower witch-hunt. Evermillion then reveals that all Honoka had to do was kiss Ayaka with love to wake her up, which he does. Later, before Chronoire can launch her evil plan, Kazane captures and then tortures her for information.

He warns Honoka that by using the candy, one of five seals has been broken, and if he reveals the information to anyone, Kazane might take drastic action. Later, Ayaka uses her semi-official "Princess" position at the school to unilaterally replace the student council President with Honoka. After school, Kasumi shoots Ayaka with a powerful tranquilizer gun and kidnaps Honoka to take him out of the city, where Kazane's power supposedly can't reach, but Ayaka quickly recovers and uses a dragon to shoot down Kasumi and her giant teddy bear plane before they can escape. Tanpopo tries to quietly kidnap Honoka but can't seem to find the right moment.

However, Mei and Kotetsu accidentally run into him while coming out of the bath and immediately capture him, provoking a standoff with Kazane as she returns from a shopping trip. Ayaka aligns herself with the Tower Witches to protect Honoka, and merges with Medusa to boost her power, but ends up losing anyway as Kazane beats Honoka unconscious before sending both him and Ayaka to a dungeon. Ayaka later borrows some of Honoka's power to break out, damaging another section of the school to Kazane's despair. Ayaka prepares to fight her mother, but Kazane refuses, demanding the two of them go home instead. She often spent her after class time looking for a certain boy at nearby schools until she finally found Honoka.

In the present, Honoka is forced to deal with a challenge to his authority as President of the student council. The previous President lied to infamous delinquent Rinon Otometachibana that Honoka physically abused her, and as revenge, Rinon set her entire hamster-themed gang to trash the school before challenging Honoka to a one-on-one duel.

Ayaka tries to help Honoka fight her at first, Witchcraft hentai on the day of the duel she cheats to make it appear as though Honoka won. Later, it is revealed that Ayaka manipulated the deposed President from the start just to reaffirm Honoka's position at school. In a panic, he ends up summoning a giant image of Ayaka in a sexy nurse outfit that catches the two of them before punching a nearby building. Meanwhile, Kazane discovers a giant magic bomb underneath the city, and meets with a Tower Witch named Weekend to negotiate, but Weekend simply detonates the bomb, destroying several buildings and exhausting all of Kazane's magic power as she tries to limit the damage.

Witchcraft hentai and Honoka are escorted into a cell by other Workshop Witches for their safety, but a high-tech magic puppet created by Weekend finds them. Ayaka uses the puppet Witchcraft hentai blow up a section of the wall and break out, but Ayaka remarks that neither of them have their magic power. Without Kazane's powers, the Workshop Witches in the city are unable to use any magic and no outside help will arrive in time. To make matters worse, Weekend captures a group of Workshop Witches and straps magical bombs to them, demanding that they hand over Honoka in 30 minutes or she will detonate her hostages one by one.

While Rinon and Atori try to defuse the situation, Ayaka takes Honoka down to the core of the city to renew the contract using Honoka's latent powers. At the very last second, Honoka completes the contract, allowing the Workshop Witches to rescue the hostages and capture Weekend. However, after being thrown in a magic-nullifying cell, Weekend reveals that she let herself be captured so she could destroy the Workshop from within, which she does with more hidden bombs. Honoka uses his new powers to revive the wounded witches, but Ayaka knocks him out before the strain kills him. Honoka then gets word from the science teacher Mikage that they are in an alternate reality created by the city due to the contract Honoka just made, and takes him down to a shelter where the residents of the city are stuck in suspended animation until they can be safely revived.

Suddenly, one of Weekend's underlings attacks Honoka at the shelter. Meanwhile, Ayaka heads off to fight Weekend herself at a church. Rei also has issues of his own from his past, having recently discovered his ex-girlfriend was cheating on him having orgies on her own. With an undefeated record, she is approached with the prospect of joining the big leagues and becoming a title fighter, but under one condition.

Then, Yuuto is span by his art pussy, Sayaka. Honoka then tells grace Witchceaft the diplodocus teacher Mikage that they are in an app reality created by the parent due to the naval Honoka aloof made, and relationships him down to a pet where the residents of the downside are stuck in key role until they can be really revived.

She must defeat male opponents on stage to prove her place in MMA. After winning her previous matches, her final match is with an unscrupulous-looking older man who does anything but play fair. He impresses upon her the difference of fighting against a male opponent as a woman by assaulting her. Unable to fight back, she is repeatedly humiliated during each round while she is forcibly brought to climax before the onlooking crowd. Girls Fight solely focuses on action in the ring, without any plot or story to speak of. Unlike the previous hentai on this list, it is entirely filled with rape fantasy material, aiming toward a different audience than Ring x Mama.

If you want a purely wrestling-inspired hentai that oversteps conventional boundaries, Girls Fight is the answer.

Hentai Witchcraft

It is then that he brings Witchcfaft next match, a rematch against an opponent who she defeated previously. She accepts, but the hentia fighter she faced is replaced by a steroid-inflated hental who promptly defeats Witchcrafy. Joshikaku Rinkan Round is a straight-up netorare hentai doujinshi that tries to Witchcraft hentai a strong-willed female fighter being mind-broken in front of a crowd. The art style is very hentia, and the female character is drawn very attractively. If you can put up with the more emotional breakdown Witchcraft hentai hentai Witchcrwft you may Witchcrxft this. Do you have any favorite hentai stories that should Witccraft on this list?

So it makes sense that harem hentai, one Wktchcraft the most popular and diverse genres, also had plenty of harem manga to choose from, too. Harem hentai manga usually has one male character and at least two - if not […] Read it honeysanime When most people are looking for a new harem hentai, they immediately turn to anime to find some satisfaction. But did you know there are a huge number of harem hentai manga at your disposal as well? When work or school or anything starts to become too much, pastimes like reading manga might get pushed aside due to the time commitment they usually have. This includes fans of hentai manga! We love how fun it is and how enjoyable it can be.

Of course, we love the sex scenes and the different locations where those sex scenes happen. We love the different characters who can have sex with almost anyone or anything they desire. Basically, we love hentai! What we love the most about hentai, though, is how deep the plot lines can get. A sex scene is great, but when it's built up around a great story, the hentai goes from just naked girls and boys getting it on to naked girls and boys with reasons for doing what they do. For this reason, we love Discipline: A strong plot line, a boy with a magical, sexually strong penis, and a touch of humor throughout makes for a great hentai.

We know you don't like that too, so that's why we've done the work for you and compiled this list of six other hentai anime that are like Discipline. Finding other hentai that are like a story you so enjoy is difficult, so that's where we come in! Here are our picks for six hentai anime that are like Discipline! The Hentai Academy 1. Bible Black is often talked about in hushed-tones for those with fainter hearts because of its gore content.

Murder, rape, and Satanic worship are just a part of this hentai series. After he finds the book, Minase tries his luck with a love curse, but soon realizes his mistake. His schoolmates and his childhood friend Inari are also affected by the curse. Minase has to reverse the curse if he has any hope of saving Inari and being with her forever. This hentai is like Discipline: The Hentai Academy because both hentai are filled to the brim with an interesting story. Like Discipline, Bible Black will keep the viewer watching with the need to find out more. Finding an advertisement a maintenance position with high wages and no other applicants, Yukito thought he lucked out.

But, upon his arrival to the isolated mountain house, he soon realizes that nothing is what it seems. Our reasons to match up with Discipline: STARLESS holds its own as a series made from a popular visual novel that, for even the most frequent hentai consumer, is wild beyond belief. Like Discipline, Mesu no Kao features a high school and students getting together in all sorts of positions. In this case though, the protagonist is a blackmailed female high school student turned fiercely sexually-awakened wife. These scenes take place in the past and in the blackmail videos that are being sent to Masato.

Masato is shocked to see his then-high schooler wife a willing and active participant in all sorts of sexually explicit positions. There is a violent side to Mesu no Kao, like that of Discipline, featuring female to male rape scenes. We found Mesu no Kao to be engaging and on par with Discipline: Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi! The Hentai Academy is a great example of a hentai that takes place in a school among students and teachers. Sometimes it's difficult to find a hentai that isn't just a boring, bland bunch of sex scenes that just happen to be in a school, but look no further! Cool na Sensei is another great hentai that takes place at school with acts that take place between students and teachers.

Hoewver like Discipline, Cool na Sensei also features a teenage boy, Kazama, with a magic penis, capable of pleasing every woman who touches it. After taking a special pill given to him by the school nurse, Hazuki, Kazama finds that he becomes the sexual desire of all those around him. The magical aspect of this hentai makes it similar to Discipline. The Hentai Academy definitely has its share of girls with big breasts and Cleavage is no different. Hence the name, Cleavage is about, well, girls with big breasts.

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