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    Uterine Prolapse

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    The Journal of reproductive medicine. National Institutes of Health. Journal of Infectious Diseases. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus. Your cervix does a lot for you: Like the vagina and clitoris, the cervix also contains nerve pathways involved in the sexual response 6. The way your cervix feels to the touch will change throughout your menstrual cycle. These changes happen in response to the hormonal fluctuations that facilitate the ovulatory process. Certain ligaments in the pelvis may become shorter around ovulation, for example, and the consistency of the cervical fluid changes 7, 8.

    Women can be taught to remove and re-insert their pessary much like a tampon. However, regular reviews with your gynaecologist or doctor are necessary. Vaginal pessaries can be an effective way of reducing the symptoms of a prolapse, but they will not be appropriate for everyone. Together with pelvic floor exercises, they may provide a non-surgical solution to manage a uterine prolapse. Vaginal surgery In moderate to severe cases, the prolapse may have to be surgically repaired. In laparoscopic surgery, instruments are inserted through the navel.

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    Stidking uterus is pulled back into its correct position and reattached to its supporting ligaments. The operation can also be performed with an abdominal incision. Surgery oyt fail and the prolapse can recur if the original cause of the prolapse, such as obesity, coughing or straining, is not addressed. Consult your pelvic floor physiotherapist for help with this. Prevention techniques Some women are at increased risk of uterine prolapse. Simple preventive measures include: Usually, eating lots of fruit, vegetables and fibre, and drinking plenty of water will help.

    Avoid straining when using your bowels. Manage chronic constipation in consultation with your doctor other conditions — Cefvix underlying disorders such as asthma and chronic bronchitis in consultation with your doctor. Microscopy shows the offending agent, Trichomonas vaginalis. The good news is that treatment is available for these sicking. Yeast infection can be treated with creams or tablets. The treatment of Trichomonas vaginalis and BV are similar. The patient's sexual partner has to be treated if she has the former disease. The partners of patients with BV need not be treated unless they have recurrent infections. Some women may not inform their gynecologists or clinicians about vaginal discharge.

    They may be embarrassed about the fishy odor and assume that screening for vaginal infection would automatically be part of the examination. Other women believe that the Pap smear screens for vaginal infections and hence their physicians need not be informed of the discharge.

    Douching is not an acceptable treatment for an unpleasant vaginal discharge. It may clean the vagina temporarily, but will not cure the disease. It may also spread the disease into the uterus and into the pelvic cavity and set up generalized inflammation of the pelvis Pelvis Inflammatory Disease. If the discharge is white, cheesy thick and has no odor, you most probably have yeast infection.

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    Over the counter monistat may help. When the infection recurs frequently, you must seek stixking assistance to exclude other vaginal infections or such diseases as diabetes mellitus and HIV. If it is yellowish, creamish or greenish with an odor and Crrvix itch, it is imperative you see your gynecologist or clinician to make the diagnosis and give you the appropriate treatment. This is important since there may be other infections like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. Above all, take good care of your vagina. The specialist hardly even looked at me, kind of lifted the sheet and said "well I don't see anything" and said ultrasound was fine.

    But I have another appointment with a different specialist on Tuesday. Is it possible to have a vaginal birth? I live in a tiny town and have to drive an hour to get to a doc that specializes in high risk pregnancies. C ArielPlusAnother I'm sorry for what you are going through.

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