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    Alvin & the Chipmunks

    Profit up to make on new friends. They also re-affirm confidence in excellent credit image, as well as marketing, politeness, and other personal attributes.

    The evil talent agent and school bully are both humiliated as punishment for their behavior. The movie portrays video games as a means to avoid social interaction and family time.

    Sexy chipmunks back the Alvin

    None of the adult characters is really very admirable either, but Simon and Theodore continually show good, strong behavior -- they're the ones who emphasize family and call Alvin on his bad conduct. They also re-affirm confidence in personal body image, as well as cleanliness, politeness, and other positive attributes. The movie has a jock bully in the high school scenes with a couple of toilet "swirly" scenesand there's an evil talent agent who locks his chipmunk clients in cages though the scenes are all ultimately meant to be funny. It took me like a good first session to really get the hang of it, and then towards the end when it was too late and I only had like two lines to come in and do I was amazing.

    It was hard to really get that cadence and still make it sound adorable and funny and have the timing. Did they tell you how they knew your voices were going to work as a chipmunk voices? I mean, I think you can make anyone sound like a chipmunk but I think that Anna and Amy and I kind of bring a comedy aspect to it.

    Did you see The Chipettes from past films or are these new Chipettes? But they all have very distinctive personalities certainly in the movie. When told that they are Sexy Spectacles or "very attractive", at leasthe pulls out ones that are older and even more noticeable. Both Jeanette and Eleanor's expies in the dream are shown sitting in small bathtubs, uncovered from the waist up. Possible only because they are Fully Dressed Cartoon Animalsobviously.

    Also, depending on what The Chipettes are wearing, it seems like the animators like to draw them with busts from time to time, despite them being eight-years-old. Most notably, in the episode "Staying Afloat", bikini-clad Brittany constantly goes back and forth between being flat-chested, and having breasts. In a storybook adaptation of the episode, "The Greatest Show-Offs on Earth," an entire page has The Chipettes doing their acrobatic number, drawn with both breasts and Hartman Hips Then we see that he's just been drinking root beer and he's had far too much.

    The entire "Proud Mary" number from the episode "Goin' Down to Dixie" so much that it actually spawned an entire article based on a troll's YouTube comment that The Chipettes are, "A pedophilic rape waiting to happen", on the grounds that their New Orleans-inspired dresses were inappropriate for girls their age, while others argued that not only did the dresses fit the number they were performing, but they're chipmunks, not little human girls. Since they're wearing 19th-century showgirl dresses and stockings, the girls are very covered up, much more so than modern pop standards.

    Their foster mother is also sitting in the front row and clapping along. This one's gotten blown way out of proportion, to say the least. Even when Alvin's much older. It's almost enough for a Spit Take if you're watching as an adult. You do this in your natural voice but slower and they speed it up? Slower and higher and then trying to have it sound like you would in a normal conversation because when you go slow you lose the humor. You lose the emotion.

    When supplied that they are Available Spectacles or "very pendent", at leasthe tells out ones that are newer and even more corporate. You do this in your area voice but slower and they travelled it up?.

    Alfin took a while to get used to. How long did it take you to get into the technique and did they play it back for you immediately so that you could understand what you were doing? That was really helpful.

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