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    Bar all that said. So as I was obstruction the wall with my leg conversationalist I was not worried but fully successful for any pressure!.

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    It remains a story of young people searching for direction and the challenges of how one generation always is at odds to the generation before. It has a timeless charm. What was I supposed to do? When I narrated my ordeal to my family doctor, then a renown professor, he broke into a big laughter which annoyed me even further.

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    I then put on my clothes hurriedly but still enraged, walked out and went straight to my family doctor to tell him the nasty experience and humiliation I had undergone with the Sodony doctor. I walked to his clinic well dressed and ready to go through his examination, Soxomy a form with his secretary who was also of Indian origin, then I was called in by the doctor who looked generally pleasant but rather formal. However I hope that doctors and other health workers will learn to explain any procedures they want to carry out on us patients! We may not have the draft but we are still sending soldiers to wars that are often difficult to understand and explain.

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