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    The three-piece was active on campus as well, Nakfd with class Aussie act Hunters and Collectors in March at the Wailing Bongo. Hope you like it along with the other records. They were a clannish bunch, the Flying Nun crowd. It gave them context. I thought Dunedin had peaked, but it was only pausing.

    He proved refreshingly down to earth and seemed to have mixed feelings about the whole experience, stating, that at the time The Clean started recording with Flying Nun, there was no one else. There was the overtly s strum of Sneaky Feelings while The Stones seemed to prefer the drone of The Velvet Underground and twisted minimalism of Wire. The first great package tour of the Flying Nun era was a surprise when it came. Hamish Kilgour in the Christchurch Flying Nun offices c.

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    I suspect that you might find the High 30s Piano a bit rough, but the songs themselves are truly great. But even that tells you something. Dunedin was busy with music and would remain so well into the s. The first Flying Nun newsletter, April Share. He took advantage of the trip to arrange distribution networks in Europe. There would be one further magazine in Garage answered questions that the lack of media piqued.

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