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Featuring a hour front desk, this property also provides guests with a terrace. Show more Show less Club Comanche 6.

It features a Hollywood-style swimming pool, terrace and free Wi-Fi. The history of this hotel is very rich. They are continuously trying to keep the hotel in good shape. Show more Show less Hotel on the Cay 7. Free Wi-Fi is available in all areas. Dianna, Sara, Shay, Helena, and Faye Joe, Tammy, Randy, and Dennis were also a delight on the ferry which carried us back and forth to the hotel. The ocean view was amazingly joyful to watch in the daytime and in the nighttime from the bed and the balcony. I had never witnessed anything like it. The beds were very comfortable to sleep in. The pool is on the rooftop of the bar and was very enjoyable. The bar was nice too!! No complaints at all what so ever!

We truly enjoyed this trip. If you have a lot of plans for day activities and dinners then it is a good idea to have your own transportation as taxi fares will add up quickly. On the flip side we do drive on the left so the driver does need to concentrate on not only trying to find their way in an unfamiliar place but also on adjusting to driving on the opposite side of the road; so they might miss out on seeing the scenery, getting to drink when going out to dinner and relaxing. Croix often encourage renting a car because the island is larger than its sister islands and having a car is really the only way to enjoy the entire island. Visit the Car Rental section for the island you are interested in to read comments by people who rented vehicles while on vacation and to view rental car agencies: Thomas Car RentalsSt.

Croix Car RentalsSt. Should I get a car or a jeep? Some villas on St. John are accessed by steep, sometimes dirt roads which make 4wd a must.

Croix a car or a jeep is fine, go with your preference. Car rental agencies on St. Are seat belts the law? What about Car Seats Accommodation island john st virgin children? Driver and front passenger must be restrained by a safety belt. Any child under age five must be in a car seat. In the case of a child aged three through five, seat belts can be used but the child must ride in the backseat. Any child older than five but under twelve must wear a safety belt. This information is a summary and subject to change, confirm current regulations with your rental car agent.

I am vacationing on St. John but heard that car rentals are cheaper on St. What are the pros and cons of renting on St. Thomas and taking the rental over to St. John on the car barge for the week? Thomas are often cheaper than on St. John, Budget Rental Car on St. Thomas it is convenient to get your vehicle at the St. Thomas airport and head to the store and then to the barge. John visitors also point out that when renting a car from a agency on St. John often you are allowed to use their parking lot in Cruz Bay. Parking is tight in Cruz Bay so if you plan on dining and shopping there often, this could be a plus. Note Not all rental car agencies on St. Thomas allow their vehicles to go over to St.

And no rental car agencies on St. John allow their vehicles to go over to St. We are creatures of habit, so yes if you are used to driving on the right side of the road breaking the almost instinctive urge to be on the right side takes some adjustment. Most visitors report that after a few minutes they get adjusted. No temporary licenses are required for those holding a valid U. Temporary licenses are available for those holding a non-U. Out of territory licenses are valid for 90 days after arrival. I am under 25 can I rent a car or scooter? In order to rent a car you must be at least 25 years old in most cases. An exception is Budget Car Rental on St.

Thomas, who will for an additional fee rent to persons under Parking is easily found. There are a few exceptions. John has limited parking. Croix, Christiansted has limited parking. During some large events, namely Carnival, some roads and parking lots close for use during the events. Can I use the public bus, walk, rent a scooter? The Virgin Islands public bus is called Vitran. It operates in major commercial and residential areas. The schedule and reliability can make it difficult to use, particularly if you are on a tight schedule. Walking is not a suitable means of transportation on any of the islands in the U.

John ActivismWater Canal Information. Virgin Beards, whether American citizens or not, must be eligible to show read of money upon completion the issues to do to the arizona.

Virgin Islands with the exception of Water Island. Scooter rentals exist on St. For more information on transportation visit: Thomas TransportationSt. Croix TransportationSt. John Transportation Accommodatiion, Water Island Information. Accommodations Where should I stay? Do you have a high and low season? Do rates hotel, airfare vary by season? High season runs from mid-November to mid-May. Rates are typically much lower during off season. Is there a hotel room tax? Brochures, Maps, Guidebooks I would like some brochures. Drinking Water Is it safe to drink the water?

John st virgin Accommodation island

Should I use only bottled water? The water is safe to drink at most establishments. Bottled water is available in stores and at restaurants if you wish to purchase it. Adcommodation a great idea to take water with you when going to the beach, driving around, sightseeing — it gets hot here and it is necessary to keep hydrated. What is the crime like? Crime in the Virgin Islands statistically speaking is fairly high, particularly on St. Statistically meaning the number of crimes in virgun to the Accomodation and area size. John is quiet with the exception of a few thefts of items left unattended in parked, open cars or on the beach. Water Island is also quiet.

These incidences often happen where victim and perpetrator know each other. Murders are often among persons who have knowledge of each other, frequently within the illegal drug business and taking place in areas known for drug problems. Drug related crimes have not spilled into the general residential communities on any of the islands. A recent rash of muggings on St. Thomas has created much attention from the police department and tourism related organizations. It is a good idea to function as you would back home in an unfamiliar area, with care and caution and with your eyes open. If things do not seem quite right then leave. Keep to well lit areas, even at your hotel.

Keep an eye, when driving home at night, on whether any cars seem to be following you. Visit the Virgin Islands P olice Department website for statistical information. Thomas and the Juan Luis Hospital on St. Emergency room service is available 24 hours a day at the hospitals and is available. Do I need any special vaccinations to visit?

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