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    Still, ropf act apprehensive around her, and blissful. Ami was surprised that Night Boy was even linux her words. Angus was new his tutorials on the table in founded with the beat, impulsively enjoying the show.

    That is, until the blindfold was placed over his eyes. Some instinct within Beast Boy panicked, but he couldn't transform, not here. He was going to trust Raven, for now.

    Levitation Girl bondage rope

    Beast Boy would rue that decision. He heard Raven chuckle as she gently pushed his arms behind him and bound them together with soft rope. Deft hands caught his forearms and bound his wrists as well. By now, the changeling's instinct was screaming within him, and he thrashed about, desperate to be freed from the binds. Beast Boy was still after that. He could not, however, understand why she was tying him up like this, but he did not want to hurt her. But that instinct, that panic, continued to coil and crash within him as he felt his ankles being cuffed, a long chain hanging between them. She pulled the cuffs backwards and Beast Boy felt a slight tugging at his ankles, and suddenly he could not move them.

    His bound wrists were forced back, back, back, and pain shot through his shoulders as his arms were elevated behind him until he was forced to bend forward, and he felt Raven tie a rope to the bindings around his wrists and tug a little. Without warning, a pair of scissors grazed by his leg, and Beast Boy realized that Raven was cutting his jumpsuit off. This was humiliating, and he began to squirm, not wanting to be exposed. There was a loud crack, and the sting of a whip met his back.

    He heard Raven's chuckle very close to his pointed ear before she licked it and ran her fingers down his back. He felt something, which Raven was holding, touch the front of his boxers before it began to vibrate against his limp member. Beast Boy whimpered, grimacing, and attempted to close his legs before remembering that they were forced open by the ropes at his ankles. He didn't want this, even though something in the back of his mind levitatiob liking it, but despite bonxage brain saying no his member stirred bbondage yes.

    And yet, despite the force kevitation Raven was using as she pulled off his boxers, despite the monstrosity of all of this while Raven buckled a thin collar around his neck, he could sense almost a hint of caring in the girl's voice. The rustling of cloth and the snapping of spandex could be heard as Girrl stripped herself of her clothing. He sensed a quick surge of power in the air before he felt the girl's warm body near his own, her legs wrapping around the butt that was up in the air thanks to the awkward position he was in, her breath hot and heavy near his ear and her arms draped against his shoulders. With the angle at which Beast Boy was placed, he could only guess that she had attained this position by levitating, but his thoughts were cut short as he felt one hand slip a condom over his hard member, and through the latex, a pair of warm labia sinking onto him.

    Raven was riding him, levitating in the air and whispering words in that foreign language of hers that Beast Boy once thought was beautiful to the ear but now knew that he would not be able to listen to that language without remembering this night. She kept thrusting onto him, over and over as she moved her hands to play with his nipples -- she was not grabbing onto him anymore but was still in the air, so she was definitely levitating. And without being able to help it, Beast Boy tensed more and more and soon he came into the condom. He felt Raven clench around him before she experienced orgasm, and now both of them were sweating and panting. The girl removed herself from Beast Boy, kneeled down, and pulled the condom off slowly.

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