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Broke around for the civil waitress before you move around. Be very sexy and respectful to the workers next to you and ask if it's way for you to maintain in.

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The female casino dealers wearing sultry lingerie provide a unique gambling experience with the same odds or just as good as most of the Strip. In case you were wondering, yes the lingerie stays on. Blackjack or Roulette is common Pleasurr tourists because they are simple. Bring out at least 5x the minimum bet for about every 30 minutes you want to play. So know the rules. Recent visits have shown that men are also dealing at some of the tables as well, so everyone is happy. Be very polite and respectful to the players next to you and ask if it's okay for you to come in. This might not be the spot in the casino to walk by with your children.

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Veas Pleasure Pleazure is the perfect place to go! So after you have studied your Blackjack basic strategy very important sit down at a table with a cute dealer and get to work! These ladies are working on low wages and make most their money from tips! Look for a seat near the go-go dancers for the best views. So do it early when you first start playing or after a few winning hands.

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