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    BU Research: A Riddle Reveals Depth of Gender Bias

    Almost two isotopes after I bewitched from that psychic, I ran out of kindness and I had nowhere to go. All of those did were enriched of the purpose of the crawl, its voluntary nature, and the soul in which the duration would be used.

    My heart was beating so fast when I was walking toward the wall of the yard… I climbed over the parejts. And then I started running like crazy, I was Naked gay doctor treats parents trying to run as fast as I can… I could hear wild dogs barking while I was running. It was really dark, and it was freezing. Yreats example, Luo Qing, who was confined in a hospital in Shanxi Province, said: I remembered that was one day, at lunch time, I was standing in treatts line waiting to get food, like doctoe else. I noticed that the door connecting outside from the dining hall was somehow not guarded Nakef anyone that day.

    Docor there were other two guards standing not too far from the yay. I assumed they were security guards, not sure… I decided to try it. I left the dochor plate there, and started running toward the door. I was getting really close to the unguarded door, but before I could get to the door, the two security guys caught up and got me. The next thing I know is that I was on the floor. For example, Zhu Tianwen, was twice taken to the same facility, against his will. After resting for a few days at home, they took me back the same hospital… The same people, the same minivan. I remembered that minivan from the first time. Almost two weeks after I escaped from that hospital, I ran out of money and I had nowhere to go.

    I was hiding at a friend's place but her mother was no longer okay with me staying there. The doctor ended up calling my parents telling them that this [conversion therapy] is probably not going to work. The doctor also said my situation [being gay] was probably not a big deal and they should take me home. The detention in hospitals described by interviewees above was arbitrary. I sat down, and the doctor gave me a form and asked me to fill it out… The doctor started saying to me: You know that yourself, right? I am not lying to you.

    If you feel like having sex with another man you are sick. But don't worry about it too much now, I can help you with that. This is why your parents brought you here. This is pretty much what that doctor told me: You will never have a happy family The doctor asked me about my situation, like what I told my parents and why my parents brought me there.

    Gay parents treats Naked doctor

    I told him everything about my coming out, about my boyfriend, things like that… Then he started talking, telling me being gay is wrong and gross: Aprents could you do that to your parents? The doctor asked me a set of questions, trying to evaluate my mental status. She had a list of questions and a Nakked on her terats, which she was filling in as I was Naked gay doctor treats parents those questions… When she finished that list of questions, she said to me: I think we know what the problem is with you now. You are just having parrents issues with your psychological status in terms of your sexual attractions.

    Things like this happen. We can cure you if you follow the instructions. We have patients like you before. And we have done it before. The doctor at the hospital we visited is a very famous one in the city where I am from. He appeared on all kinds of advertisement for mental illness treatment. We saw him quite often on TV or on newspaper. The psychiatrist told my mom: It can be cured. When the doctor told me being a gay is a disease, I was very angry. I so much wanted to disagree with the doctor… my mom was sitting right next to me. And she [my mom] was very mad and upset with me already.

    I know that I am not sick, I am fine. They get mad at you. The doctor was talking non-stop. The so-called psychological evaluation conversation lasted for hours and I was losing my patience. At some point, I stopped listening to him. I just [felt that] what the doctor was saying to me was nonsense. I knew there was nothing wrong about being gay. When I was staying in the hospital, I was asked to have conversations with the doctor every week, probably two or three times a week. The doctor would tell me why being gay is wrong and how she could change that for me, all that crap. I knew it was not going to work if I argued with her.

    So I just let her talk. I just wanted to get out of there. Li Qi identifies as female now, which is not known to her mother. Her mother still refers to her by male pronouns. At the time of her conversion therapy, she identified as a gay man and was treated as such. I accidentally found out that my son was chatting in a gay WeChat group. My entire world collapsed. I was crying all day long, I was not brave enough to confront with him on it. I hid it well for a few days, but I was crying in my room every night… Then I decided to tell him that I found out he was gay and tell how difficult it was for me.

    He was very unhappy about it, but he was at least obedient about it … I took him to the hospital for electroshock session for once. Then I told myself I would never do that again… I later started reading more books and articles about electroshock treatment. I realized how much harm it could cause to the kids by using electroshock. I knew nothing about homosexuality back then. The father, Li Waichen, said: He was very resistant about the idea of going to the therapy. I had no other choices. So I took him there with his mom, and we decided Naked gay doctor treats parents leave him there for the treatment… I asked the doctor to save my son, I was begging him to cure him… They asked me if I would consent to the use of electroshock.

    My idea was that the medicine would probably be easier on him… I agreed to the use of medicine and signed the document to authorize the doctors and nurses to do their job. Medical personnel ensured that individuals took the medications even when they resisted, or expressed a preference not to do so. In some cases, where the individuals were not confined in hospitals, parents of these individuals administered the medications. Li Zhi, from Nanping City, still has no Naked gay doctor treats parents what pills he took, or what they were supposed to do: They were white pills in a bottle. I didn't know what they were. The doctor and the nurse refused to tell me what the pills were.

    They just told me they were supposed to be good for me and help with the progress of the 'treatment'… After I took them, I usually feel hyper-energized for a while, like a few hours. Then after a few hours, I started to feel very exhausted and depressed. They gave me a bottle of white pills, in a blue bottle. Like a standard blue bottle for medicine. There were no labels or any instructions on the bottle. The doctor instructed my parents to make sure I took four of them every day… When I was locked at home in my room in the following weeks, my mom would bring those pills and water to me, usually, after dinner.

    I had to take them in front of her. Wen Qi said doctors treated him for anxiety, even though he did not consider himself to be anxious: The nurse would give me a couple pills every day. The doctor said those pills were for depression and bipolar symptoms. The doctor also said some of them would have sedative effects, which would help with my anxiety and calm me down… I was confused and angry. Why would they give me pills for anxiety or bipolar disorder? Zhang Zhikun, who was forcibly confined in the psychiatric division of a hospital, said: Every morning, the nurse brought a couple of capsules and water to me.

    I was required to take the medicine in front of her. Then the nurse would ask me to open my mouth and checked if I had actually swallowed the capsules. I usually hid the capsules and pills under my tongue… When the nurse was gone, I went to the toilet to spit them out and flush them away … sometimes the nurse stayed for too long and the capsule started Naked gay doctor treats parents melt in my mouth. For example, Chen Shuolei, who was also forcibly confined in a hospital for conversion therapy and was forced to take medicine daily, said: The nurses at the hospital had an awful attitude with the patients there.

    I was asked to take a red and yellow capsule and two white pills every morning. I tried to pretend I swallowed them. I was hoping get them out later. But the nurses always asked me to open my mouth and lift my tongue, and then she would use a stick to check around to make sure I actually swallowed them… A stick like they use for examination at the dentists… I wouldn't be able to hide the pills or capsules anywhere in my mouth. A nurse injected nausea-inducing medication while he was watching gay pornography, so that he would associate sexual arousal with nausea: I was having a headache too… Every few minutes, the doctor and the nurse asked me to calm down and keep focusing on what is being shown on the screen.

    I was tied up to a bed with ropes because I refused to take any medicine they gave me. So they tied me up and forcibly fed those pills to me. In the cases that Human Rights Watch documented, doctors and psychiatrists did not give any explanation or rationale for the medicines they prescribed. This is indicative of the current lack of governmental or professional regulations related to psychiatry in China. This conditioning is intended to cause the patients to associate their homosexuality with unpleasant or painful sensations so as to quell the targeted behavior: Five individuals, including Zhang Zhikun, endured electroshock "treatment" as part of their conversion therapy.

    Only one of the four was informed in advance that he would be subject to such treatment. I was very scared, because I have never heard of it before… you tend to trust the doctors. At least they would not do something harmful to you, right? Then the nurse and the doctor attached pads to both of my wrists and my stomach and my temples. These pads are connected to a machine through cables… The nurse also set up a screen in front of me, where they later started playing gay porn on the screen. The doctor asked me to watch the what was playing on screen and asked me to focus on what was content of the video… A few minutes later, they switched on the electric current.

    My wrists and arms felt numb, my head too. But the most painful part was my stomach. For example, Liu Xiaoyun, said: One part of that machine looked like a helmet, it was connected to the main part with cable. The interior of the helmet is covered with many dots, they look like metal dots… when they put the helmet on my head and turned on the machine, my head started to feel weird. It was like your skin on your head was being bitten by many bugs at the same time. As they turned it up, I started to feel pain instead of just numbness.

    It felt like being pinched or having needles stabbing on my skin. Then after a few minutes, my body started trembling… It was not until later did I realize that was an electroshock machine. And I felt pain on both of my wrists. I got freaked out and had no idea what happen… The doctor said it was electroshock. And it will take more sessions to make it work. The doctor asked me to lie down and relax. He started to play very gentle and slow music, at a very low volume. He asked me to think about my intimate moments with my boyfriend. He asked me to relax and start imagining having sex with my boyfriend… then all of a sudden, I felt a very short but strong pain on my left forearm, as if my arm was stabbed by something very sharp.

    I jumped off the couch I was lying on and started yelling at the doctor and asked him what the hell that was. But I remembered I was so scared and did not know what could have happened to me. I asked him to stop the session. The psychiatrist said that would be it for that session, but I would need to be ready for more sessions of electroshock for this to work. I was asked to lie down on a bed. They covered my eyes and asked me to relax and think about my experience having sex with my same-sex partner. My legs were tied onto the bed, with some metal pads underneath. They tied my hands on to the bed too….

    When they switched on the power, I can feel the electric current coming in from my legs, only my legs… I thought it was going to be a very brief shock, but it turned out they left it on for a while. It felt like a long time… I have no idea exactly for how long, but I started shaking on the bed, I felt the metal pads were getting burning hot. I asked them to turn it off. After three or four sessions of the electroshock treatment, I started to feel sick regularly and I started having a difficult time concentrating at work. Two months later, I lost my job because of that. I kept falling asleep in classes. I just felt tired all the time.

    Pu Tian, from Fujian Province, told us that his friend, Sensen, was taken to conversion therapy by his parents. He was a very dear friend of mine. We are both gay. I know he is, he knows I am too. At some point, he started to look really tired and he would fall asleep at school. I asked him what happened. He told me his parents started taking him to conversion therapy sessions… He told me he had to go to an electroshock session once a week, and he is required to take some pills. I asked him what he was told to take. He only knew that he felt very tired after taking those pills… A few months later, I stopped seeing him in school.

    I called him, texted him, and messaged him on QQ, but no response. I am pretty sure he [Sensen] was trying to hurt himself. None of the cities has reported to the bureau. There is no way for us to know or do anything if the cities have not reported anything. And it is impossible for the bureau to investigate and examine every hospital across the entire country. The Department of Personnel, under the National Health and Family Planning Commission, [55] is in charge of setting medical professional qualification standards and administering the licensing of medical and psychiatric practice. In Septemberthe Chinese government stopped certifying mental health counsellors because the process was neither rigorous nor up to professional standards.

    This is a small but important step towards professionalizing the mental health industry. The Certificates obtained previously will remain valid. At the time of writing it remained unclear how the Chinese government intends to address the certification process of mental health counselors in future. A lack of regulation and professionalization of mental health counseling practice in China is only part of the problem — as the cases documented in this report demonstrate, conversion therapy is practiced in both public health facilities and government-certified private clinics. Likewise, Human Rights Watch has not been able to find any statement or guidelines from the CSP other than its decision that reflects the changed position on homosexuality, or any steps taken in response to the Beijing and Henan Province court cases litigating against the practice of conversion therapy.

    The Chinese Psychological Society different from CSP published professional ethics guideline that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, but there are no cases in which a mental health professional was disciplined for conducting conversion therapy. The individuals interviewed by Human Rights Watch did not receive conversion therapy in clandestine facilities, or from unlicensed providers. Li Zhen, who underwent conversion therapy in a private clinic in Chongqing, said: He [the psychiatrist] told me he was authorized to provide psychiatric and psychological service. He then showed me his certificate to practice, which was on the wall in this office.

    There are some posters on the wall. One of them shows the price of a list of different packages of treatment. Rights next to it were his diploma from medical school and his certificate to practice.

    It further requires all levels of government to self-report any illegal practice in the field agy mental health. On the official web page of the Notice, there are two forms for self-reporting available for download see Terats III. Among the resources and documents made available to the public, Human Rights Watch was not able to identify any evidence of complaints or petitions submitted by government officials in any regions where conversion therapy was practiced. In church, the children and I sat in the front row as Chris played the organ. My in-laws, knowing our marriage was troubled without knowing why, even sent us videos about how to improve our relationship.

    It was the worst time of my life. The only thing that saved my sanity was the Straight Spouse Network, an international support group founded by another woman who'd been married to a gay man. During my first SSN meeting, I sat in the corner and cried the entire time.

    The first was swept in the Hull Haidian Cater Court, which designed a new in December In the Different Things, eighty states and the Provision of Zagreb have laws that would conversion therapy.

    At least I knew I wasn't alone. Pparents soon learned that straight spouses typically blame themselves for not being sexy enough trewts keep their husband from straying. As bad as it is when another woman manages to steal your husband, at least you believe you can compete. When your husband wants another man, dotcor denies your entire being. I also learned that a surprising number of gays in treatts military are married because marriage is such a useful front. You can't gaay gay in the military, and if you're married, then of course you're not gay. Chris was still living with us sleeping in the spare room when, through SSN, I met my ultimate soul mate, a father of three who had been married to a lesbian.

    We soon started dating, which, astonishingly, infuriated Chris. One night, in a rage, he called my parents and told them, "I'm gay and I've been going out with men, but she's screwing around with another guy. In the town I'm from, leaving a homosexual husband was too scandalous. They urged me to stay in the marriage, regardless of what it cost me emotionally. My mother even suggested that I try different things sexually to keep Chris interested and mentioned that Chris could take medication to weaken his libido. I see now that many gay spouses genuinely believe they are doing the right thing by getting married, because they are lying to themselves more than anyone.

    My soul mate and I got married the year after our divorces became final, when I was My kids accepted him very quickly, and we later adopted a child together. When we first started dating, my daughter told me, "I love it when he comes over because you're so happy! My relationship with Chris is as good as it can possibly be, given the circumstances. We do birthday parties and some holidays together, and he and his male partner live in — and have redecorated — our former house, although he continues to hide his private life from the military. Marrying a gay man completely reshaped my life and altered some dearly held values in ways I'd never planned.

    I am living proof that you can be religious and conservative yet also care for, and even get along with, a gay former spouse. I now know that you can recover from an experience that shakes your identity to the core. Somehow, I'm an even stronger person because of the pain I endured. I have marched for gay rights and spoken about my experience to groups of gay fathers, because I believe it was intolerance and the fear of homosexuality that put me and my family through complete hell — and I hope none of that was in vain.

    Everyone has a fundamental right to be who he is, and I pray that Americans as a whole can become more accepting of homosexuals. Perhaps then, gay people won't feel the need to pretend they're straight and get married as a way to "prove" it to everyone else.

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