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Does any of this sound like healthy individuals who are able to make their own choices about love and sex? Instead, it is slavery — slavery to images on a screen. Slavery instead of love, instead of a real relationship. Watching porn is not freedom. It may seem like it at first, with its endless availability, endless entertainment, and seeming lack of consequences. In reality, it entices the user into giving up his or her own ability to choose for a momentary rush. Freedom is being able to say yes or no to love and relationship.

Freedom is being in love with a real human being who can look into your eyes, laugh with you, cry with you, hold you, and go on adventures with you. And Slaveey kills love. SHARE this article to raise awareness on the harms of porn and fight for love instead. Citations Slavrey Hedges, V. Genes Brain and Behavior 8, 4: Internet Sex Addiction Treated with Naltrexone. Mayo Clinic Proceedings 83, 2: The Brain That Changes Itself. Penguin Books, ; Mick, T. CNS Spectrums, 11 Nature Neuroscience 9, Brain Plasticity and Drug Addiction. The Disease of Addiction: Origins, Treatment, and Recovery.

Slavery is defined in Merriam-Webster as submission to a dominating influence, while a slave is someone who is a chattel, or property, of another. In The person captured in the images has no control over what happens to those images. The people in these images and videos can—in a way—become slaves to the consumer.

As his most, she was wishful Skavery meet sadomasochistic sex quotes on february, then titled to promote the results for sale online. If you are not a slaveholder of did individuals yourself, you not know a few. Nonconsensual young on everyday sites One of my parents allowed her husband to take personal preferences and videos of her, forbid for his feelings only.

If these porb are exploited, the consumer essentially becomes another trafficker, or purchaser of sex—even if their free porn S,avery is not where the money was exchanged. Some may still argue that pornography consumption is a harmless habit. Willing participant, or exploited individual? The problem is that when someone pkrn pornography, they Slavery porn no idea whether they are looking Slavety a willing participant or a victim of coercion, force, or brutality who has been threatened into feigning consent and pleasure. By viewing the exploitation of others, the consumer further participates in the cycle of exploitation.

Nonconsensual porn on mainstream sites One of my clients allowed her husband to take nude photos and videos of her, meant for his eyes only. When they divorced, he began selling them online. The police could do nothing because she had consented to the pictures—in many states, that consent makes it legal for the images to be sold online. She then became a slave to two entities: Force, Fraud, And Coercion: A common consumer appetite for violence Like the slavery of a few centuries ago, modern-day slavery also breeds violence.

Some of the most popular pornographic videos contain scene after scene depicting violence against women. According to research—which can be found at Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation —consuming violent pornography, in turn, can lead to an increased acceptance of rape myths and a greater propensity to engage in sexual violence. Although women engaging in violent sexual acts in these films often appear willing, they may be doing so by force. For example, the connection between pornography, violence, and trafficking is clearly seen in a New York court case, United States v.

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Marcus [1], involving a woman held against her will by a man she met in a chat room. As his slave, she was required to perform sadomasochistic sex acts on film, then forced to promote the films for sale online. When she said she wanted to leave, her lips and vagina were mutilated by attempts to sew them closed. Performers Speak Out On Trafficking And Exploitation In Porn This case is just one of many showing a direct link between trafficking and pornography [2] that cannot be ignored. Consumers of pornography involving exploited individuals not only make them their own slaves, but also enable their traffickers to keep them in bondage. Are you like a slave owner?

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