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    Teen deals and contemporaries complainant popping into working top pay taxes to do the juxtaposition vs. We scoop some of our sophisticated packers here. The bottom decks of the tower have may happen and water heaters.

    The season is short — just a couple of weeks Tokoyo teens May and September — Tojoyo the atmosphere in the kokugikan sumo amphitheatre in Royogoku teene electric. Should you be in Tokyo Tokoyo teens of season, the Sumo Museum is still worth a visit, with sumo-related items from teenz Edo period to terns present. Cat latte, Tokyo Shutterstock 5. Say hello to a kitty Forget Starbucks. Almost every weekend there is a themed festival from Thai to Ecology. Great place to try Tooyo festival foods including Yaki Soba fried noodles and Tako Yaki octopus balls. Odaiba — Take a boat cross Tokyo bay or ride a bike to spend the day in Odaiba. Odaiba is a teen mecca on the weekends with the indoor amusement park Joypolis.

    Buy a ticket to the top to see the layout of the city. My boys prefer Tokyo Tower over the Sky Tree. The bottom floors of the tower have may gift and food shops. Conbini everything — Yep, Tokyo teens love the ubiquitous Japanese convenience store. Thousands of cherry trees make the cemetery a popular destination in April. And he was absolutely giddy with joy when he won it. The kids wanted spaghetti for dinner I tried to convince them that noodles were close enough but they weren't buying it. Akihabara was the targeted neighborhood for our last full day in Tokyo. Known collectively as Electric Town for the multitude of electronics and camera shops that are found here.

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    There are also many cosplay and anime stores along with several "maid teenss. We just had to visit a maid cafe, which is a definite only in Japan experience. On the street we found a young lady dressed in a French maid costume handing out flyers to her cafe. With a simple "doku desu ka" where is it?

    When the doors opened a line of "maids" welcomed us I think they said "Welcome Master" in Japanese but I'm still learning the language. According to photos on the wall at the entrance this particular maid cafe was visited by the Backstreet Boys a boyband and used in their music video "Bigger". You don't come to a maid cafe to get full from the food. You come here for the experience, which is apparently quite popular with Japanese "otakus" nerds. We were given a bilingual menu and our maid came by to take our order. We settled on a piece of cake and small soda apiece, which at yen each was about the cheapest set on the menu.

    But hey, the maids are certainly very cute. After a bit our maid came back with our cakes and drinks. Before we could eat she asked us to sing a short jingle while making some kind of heart gestures to make "maid magic" on our food. Shinjuku is a good place to start. Bright lights big city and all that — this is the Tokyo that most people recognize from its moments in Hollywood, the backdrop to Lost in Translation with its bright neon lights and giant video screens. Below them, there are busy streets lined with shops, karaoke bars, games arcades and a huge range of eateries selling ramen, barbeque and katsu.

    Close to the enormous bustling station the laneways are particularly good fun to explore. Giant fembots greet you at the entrance, dancing along to a loud rock band dressed a bit like Power Rangers. A room decorated with more colours and patterns then the human eye can register and large over-stuffed chairs with gold leaf trimming.

    Tkooyo Everyone knows the traditional sites that you are expected to visit in Tokyo: Tookyo list is meant to shake things up! After arriving in Tokyo at our perfectly located home base, Hilton Tokyowe set out to experience Japanese culture and fall in love with all that is distinctly Tokyo. Hold on tight and get ready for a trip of a lifetime for you and your family. Writing Tokoyo teens article makes me want to return there again and again! With productions in over 30 countries around the world, this show WOWs in every possible way. This Japanese-themed production is a visual delight featuring pulsating techno music, geishas who defy gravity, spectacular samurais and uber-cool ninja performances.

    Our highlight was the transparent pool of water suspended over our heads full of dancers. You have to see it to believe it! Experience the energy and heart-thumping excitement of the fabulous Fuerza Bruta production, one of the best things to do in Tokyo with teens! If you get the main area tickets, then be prepared to stand the entire show, move and groove, get wet by spraying water, and feel energized by the cool music! And yes they can take pictures and videos and post directly to Instagram and Snapchat! There are also second floor VIP lounge balcony seats available if you prefer a less interactive experience.

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    Check out a Maid Cafe Cosplay costume play Tokoyoo are all the rage in Tokyo! All of our friends who previously visited Tokyo told us we had to check out a maid cafe. By the way, kids into anime and manga will flip in this area. Our English-speaking maid made the experience so much fun and magical!

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