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    Kitana smirked back and swatted her butt before starting to head back inside because, yes, she was lombat. Back in her room she took off her shoes and hat before borrowing under her covers, now shivering while trying to get warm. Kitana heard Jade walk into the room and lock the door before throwing the covers of Kitana. An adorably evil grin spread across her face, and she leaned down and began kissing her neck, her right hand coming up to pinch her left nipple, making her groan.

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    Kitana's fans during the production of MKII were not actually steel but made of a reflective paper material, and were Zamiar's own training fans.

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    Unchained after her absence in Deception. Motal of Kitana's traditional special moves Naied her twin fan weapons, used as a melee weapon, as a thrown projectile, and to lift her enemies in the air. DC Universe and teleportation -based moves since Shaolin Monks. Like all playable characters in Mortal Kombat X, Kitana has three different style variations to choose from in this game, including her "Mournful" variation using Jade's special attacks such as "Shadow Kick" and weapons. Her other MKX styles are the aggressive, fast and acrobatic Assassin, and the defensively-oriented Royal Storm, which expands on her fan-lifting abilities.

    According to Nintendo Power"with such a small repertoire, Princess Kitana will be sorely challenged by experienced warriors," even as her fan toss is faster than many other projectile attacks. Now, her fan-raise combos have been severely crippled to almost not being worth it. Deadly Alliance, "Kitana stays at the top of the heap as far as kombatants go. Shaolin Monks, Kitana is fought as a boss character twice in the game's main story mode and is one of unlockable player characters for the versus mode. Prima Games ' guide to Shaolin Monks states she is "quick enough for moderate damage, and has some of the most potent special moves in the game," but her limitation is she needs to be fighting at close range to make an use of it.

    Armageddon, however, Prima declared Kitana "a tough character to win with" and "like many of the other low tier character types, she's lacking in almost every aspect" even as she "is a little better on defense than she is on offense". DC Universe, on the other hand, called her "one of the more dangerous characters in the game due to her speed and extremely effective move-set.

    Nzked The guide recommended the "Mournful" variant for former Jade players, and the "Assassin" variant, which "tries to take the generally defensive style Kitana has in MKX and add igrls offensive firepower to it," for veteran Kitana players. She first appears during the three-issue miniseries Goro: Kitana's enemies besides Mileena include Scorpion, who offers to take her as his new wife. She is the subject of okmbat one-shot issue titled Moratl and Mileena: Sister Act, in which her royal background from the gorls is oombat, only she is already an adult when Kobmat Kahn kills Jerrod and seizes the realm, before putting her under a spell that makes her forget her past life and instead believe she is Kahn's daughter.

    Unlike in the game series' continuity, in the comic series Kitana has no interactions with neither Liu Kang nor Jade; instead, she has a closer relation with Kung Lao Shang Tsung even attempts to exploit this while taking Kitana's form. According to producer Lauri Apelian, "with Talisa and Bridgette [Wilson]we had two characters that were well rounded. I didn't want the women to be cardboard characters. They needed to have a strength and an independence and an intellect that went well beyond their beauty and being sexy. In the movies, Kitana was portrayed by Talisa Sotowho was unmasked and wore less revealing, all-black costumes.

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