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    Real Estate

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    This entry was posted in Articles. La real estate agents would have a panel of lawyers that they can recommend to act for either buyer or seller. Obtaining surveys—real estate transactions will require a land survey to ensure that the boundaries are, and in the case of built properties, a structural survey and a termite inspection is standard. However, realtors is a private trade group, not a governmental entity. Posted in October By William S.

    It is not a substitute for legal advice. Facilitating sales—guiding a seller through the selling process. There is no regulatory regime for real estate agents other than the general trade licensing regime applicable to all types of business. What, then, is a realtor?

    Virgin real estate island law Us

    fstate Services provided A real estate agency can provide the following services on behalf of sellers: Exposure—marketing the property to prospective buyers. Also, the real estate agent does not have islsnd power to sign the final contract—usually referred to as an agreement for sale—or to sign the transfer documents. The most important thing is to find the agent that will work hardest for you. A real estate agent can also give you an informal opinion on how much your house is worth, because of their experience and knowledge of the market.

    Alternately, an attorney acting on behalf of either buyer or seller can arrange for these matters. Facilitating negotiation—assisting the seller with evaluating and negotiating offers to buy. Because of the regulatory regime governing real property in the British Virgin islands, involving registration, taxation, and sometimes licensing for persons who are not BVi citizensit is typical for a real estate agent to be involved in real estate transactions.

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