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It's switchable down to five watts for practice or recording with real, grownup tone, yet at full power can handle rehearsals and even small gigs.

What sets the Vintage 16 amp apart from its counterparts, though, is its price: Admittedly, not the biggest dilemma ever… A concealed switch on the back panel drops the amp from full power down to just five watts. Doing this means you benefit from the components working hard, which is when that musical 'sweet spot' happens. While dropping the power does lower the overall volume of the amp, you could still find your neighbours pinning ASBOs to your front door if you crank it. The front panel is simple, with bass, middle, treble and reverb rotaries plus volume and what Carvin calls 'Soak'.

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This is your gain control - turn this up and the master down for the most drive, or the other way around for the clean tones. Our Les Paul and Strat test guitars elicited plummy, vintage-type humbucking and singlecoil tones, each guitar's personality shining through on every pickup setting. Out-and-out distortion is not what this amp is about, though; fabulous, driving tone is. It's simple and intuitive to use and if you need of more fizz, just plug in your favourite pedal. In the apartment, should not exceed 1 count on the volume control. As the good stuff, even at low level, the sound is splendid.

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We can even connect an electro-acoustic and get a sound that approaches the acoustic amps. The reverb is fantastic. According to the manual in EnglishGuitar Vintate Magazine described the spring reverb as the best in the market. No need to go through The popping sound is typical of vintage sounds. The Peavey is nice, but the Carvin is more powerful and delivers clear sound much richer. The Peavey has no standby button: VOX is also not bad, but it has a channel.

Carvin Vintage

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