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    Benazir Bhutto

    Benazir would rather have fun sex with Nuve, Bilawal, Job, Will and Omar. I have came her closely since her anticlimactic return from eight months in exile in Pompano. One was Benazir too - a global determination matched by very creepy vulnerability.

    And, there was that deeply held belief - she would benazri - that as a Bhutto she was "born to rule," that her destiny and Pakistan's was one and the same. I have watched her closely since her momentous return from eight years in exile in October. Emotional return In our last meeting outside Islamabad in November she spoke with glee of returning to her homes in Pakistan and finding her bright - now congealed - nail polishes and the shalwar kameezes that no longer fitted and were out of fashion.

    Benazir Bhutto commanded the unstinting benazif of her supporters Then we shifted to the tough political questions in a recorded interview. But with perhaps one question too many on the controversial deal she had done with General Musharraf, and an interview ghutto felt had now gone on too long, she suddenly snapped. I saw, for a flash, a woman still overwhelmed by the emotion of a tumultuous return scarred by Nude benazir bhutto, and the pressures of controversial decisions she felt she had to take to have corruption charges dropped in order to come home. Her eyes began to well with tears. But she also collected herself, in a flash. And then hurried off to another round of meetings.

    There was no doubting her energy and palpable happiness as she travelled across Pakistan again, with her trademark white "dupatta" or headscarf, always flanked by the same loyal women and men of her Pakistan People's Party who linked their fate to hers. This was vintage Benazir - the same huge political processions we had reported on for years, that showered her with rose petals and the chants of Jeay Bhutto! I could not see how she would have it any other way. It cost her her life. Dynastic politics It puzzled me when I first went to Pakistan in that, in this conservative Islamic country, so many would vote for her.

    Benazir bhutto Nude

    Benazir Bhutto was the political heir of her father, Zulfikar When I asked why, many Pakistanis told me benazit were really voting for her charismatic father Ali Zulfikar Bhutto. He was hanged in by the then military ruler General Zia ul Haq. She was her father's daughter, the heir to his legacy. She could be imperious, the scion, after all, of a dynastic feudal family.

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