Breasts with dark areolas

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What Can Cause Large Areolas and Is This Normal?

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Dark Breasts areolas with

arelas During pregnancy, your body produces hormones that prepare you to breastfeed. Your breasts and nipples may grow considerably, and your areolas may darken. Your breasts should return to their previous state once you stop producing breast milk. Areolas are part of your skin, dqrk means they can stretch. When you gain weight and your breasts get bigger, your areolas may grow, too. Your areolas may or may not return to their previous size after you lose weight. It is believed that darkening and widening of the areolas during pregnancy and breastfeeding may be an evolutionary adaptation—newborn infants have blurry vision, and a larger, darker areola is easier for them to see and distinguish from the rest of the breast.

Other Possible Causes of Darkened Areolas and Nipples Darkened areolas in women can also be caused by aging, menstruation, or certain medications. In some cases, skin darkening can be a sign of a serious problem, although generally this is not the case. If the color change is accompanied by pain, redness, or bleeding, then your healthcare provider should be notified. Darker areolas during pregnancy will in most cases return to their original color after childbirth, although they will most likely stay dark as long as you are breast-feeding.

For some women, the darkened skin is permanent. After completion, both Jason and Jill moved to Tampa. Darker nipples in pregnancy are temporary. After pregnancy and breast-feeding, the nipples will lighten again. Breast-feeding Nipples may become darker during breast-feeding to enable the infant to locate the food source.

As described above, breast-feeding causes many changes, including darker nipples. Scientists think that the areolas may darken to help a newborn latch on to its mother's breasts. But hormonal fluctuations that enable milk production are also likely to cause some change in the color of the nipples. Newborns have very poor eyesight, and darker nipples may be an evolutionary way of helping a newborn find their food source. The nipples will return to their previous color over time after breast-feeding has ended.

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Hairs around the nipples Breqsts is not uncommon for a person to have tiny hairs that grow around the nipples. These tiny hairs may be darker than some of the other hair on an individual's body. The dark hairs can make the nipples appear darker when they grow close to the nipples. Menstruation Menstruation is a natural part of the reproductive cycle.

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