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Transgender Care

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Puberty blockers are medications that stop the body's natural production of estrogen or testosterone. Most of these cases are thought to be due to lack of access to appropriate mental health support and medical care, so the World Professional Association for Transgender Health advocates for collaboration between medical and mental health providers for most trans individuals. They may also, she says, have experienced verbal and even physical abuse in a general medical office. Take a multidisciplinary and holistic care approach.

Resources medical Ct transgender

What parents want to know Q: Patel resourcws one transgender patient who—before starting hormone therapy—had been admitted to the hospital several times for suicide attempts. The program offers support groups for youth and for parents, and links patients with psychiatrists, fertility experts, a lawyer for name changes and other legal issues, an ethicist, and plastic surgeons, gynecologists, and ear, nose, and throat specialists for voice modifications. Boulware points out that many, but not all, of the changes from medications can be reversed if a patient simply stops taking them.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released its first policy statement aimed at helping providers and parents navigate health concerns of gender-diverse children.

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If a family is traveling from far away, sessions can be arranged for one day. Anxiety and depression are very common in trans youth, Dr. In a national study by The Trevor Project, 40 percent of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt.

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