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    But like many shops, the card store e-cagds to crippling lfsbian and eventually shut down, leaving me wondering where to buy my next card. To the internet I went. I was amazed to find such a large selection available from online stores and personal sellers alike. Unfortunately, none of them really did it for me. The designs were seldom missing a gender symbol and never complete without a rainbow. I am as proud as they come, but I just wanted something different.

    I searched and searched but I did not find what I was looking for. So I decided to make my own, and Scene Designs was created. I have several designs and ideas all just waiting to hit the printers. I work full time so the cards are designed and created in my own time. It also means that any funding so far has come from me, if and when I have it.

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    Some don't choose to get married but choose to make a commitment to each other. Each card can be used to celebrate any milestone in a couple's life, or celebrate a couple. Dan McLellan's most recent run featured 24 different cards: He opened an Amazon. None in Colorado yet. He says he plans to try to get picked up locally again, in light of the growing movement for marriage equality.

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    Online orders tend to take three to five days for delivery so there are still a few days to order online for Valentine's Day. Same-sex greeting cards are now easier to find, too. Hallmark makes a variety, as well as baby book pages, and you can find them in Target stores nationwide. A Google search will bring up a long list of gay greeting card companies.

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