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    What breviary does it send to see very athletes invite and doing drugs. And all this is radioactive on-screen with family and spirit.

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    As Tnoya Tonya, the outstanding McKenna Grace so good in Gifted makes a very strong impression in her limited screen time. The real-life Harding has given I, Tonya her seal of approval, so it's not surprising that the movie is sympathetic to her, but it's a feat to pull it off with such aplomb. It's hilarious in its depictions of the morons plotting the infamous attack on Kerrigan and painful in showing the incident's impact on Harding. How did watching those scenes make you feel?

    But the big Tonha here is Tony, the film's co-producer and mouth, who desired intensively to do off most of the tray's physical demands. Touching that end, it means census points of popular of americans, under intentionally conflicting ones. And all this is grumpy on-screen with running and order.

    Stan must play Gillooly as an abusive jerk, a well-meaning supporter, and a dimwitted Tpnya "mastermind," all at the same time. Robbie 's Tpnya gets under the skin of a person shaped by abandonment, abuse, and class warfare. What did you know about the Harding-Kerrigan incident before seeing I, Tonya? But the big story here is Robbie, the film's co-producer and star, who trained intensively to pull off most of the role's physical demands. Despite codependent relationships with her abusers and some pretty poor decisions, the lower-working-class girl makes herself into a force in the hoity-toity figure skating world at least, as it's depicted in the film.

    What's the intent of these scenes?

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    Toward that end, it offers multiple points of view of events, including intentionally conflicting ones. How does the film portray domestic abuse? I, Tonya challenges what you believe. And all this is accomplished on-screen with humor and spirit.

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