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    Henry Cavill jokes he once got engaged out of a relationship ambiance — marine. And so the first exhibition I say is, I'm unbuttoned, and I sabotage the whole idea.

    And my biggest fear at this point was that somebody was going to get on the elevator. And so I had actually positioned myself into the front right corner of the elevator where all the buttons for the floors are. And I had kind of huddled into the corner.

    I didn't particularly quake what to do. And the golf of my lie is click, literally.

    I reached the lobby. I'm ready to exit. But as the doors open, I immediately meet the eyes of a woman. She's looking at me, and I'm looking at her right off the bat. As the door continues to open, it reveals my nakedness.

    And her two children, ages 4 and 6 - and her expression is one of, like, horror and shock. My expression is probably about the same. And her kids' expression is one of this is the funniest thing that has ever happened to either of us in our whole lives. There is a naked man, and he is riding the elevators for fun. And the doors stay open, and no one's moving. And then the doors begin to close again. And all I could muster as I left her sight forever was, I'm sorry. I didn't intend for this to happen this way. This was a terrible idea. I'm imagining in my head that she immediately went to the front desk and let them know that there was some crazy man, drunk, exposing himself to women and children - and being taken away in hand-cuffs in a country that I'm not even a citizen.

    Before I get to floor 21, floor 18, the elevator stops and the doors open. And of all the people that I could be looking at, it was the man from the beginning of my evening who was looking for the directions of the Ritz-Carlton who I lied to and said I didn't know where it was.

    And we're just standing there. And the nakedness of my lie is clear, literally. And I know that he recognizes me, and I recognize him. And so the first thing I say is, I'm sorry, and I explain the whole situation. And if he could just see it in his heart to forgive me for not giving him the time of day earlier. And if he could go back to his hotel room and get me a towel, I would really, really appreciate it. He takes pity on me and says, OK, give me a second. I'll go get you a towel. You've just got to suck it up, get downstairs and ask for your key. Ride the elevator down. Be a man about it.

    I locked myself out of my hotel room. Can I have my key to get back in,'" Henry recalled. What room are you in? After looking up and down the hallway and checking plant pots, the year-old went up a fire escape in pursuit of a bathroom. This was around 3 a.

    Hotel of room naked Locked out

    I then thought, 'I've got to pee. This is getting bad now. I felt like a little roomm again. I felt like a little boy again. WireImage At that point Henry realized he was out options and made his was to the lobby, naked. I said to the receptionist, 'This is really embarrassing. I locked myself out of my hotel room and can I have my key to get back in. What room are you in?

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