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La Crosse teen pleads guilty to posting nude photos of girlfriend on MySpace

But then the girl privately turned sour. Yo, U see how big her favorite is!.

Adding insult to idiocy, when a police officer called Phillips to inform him that he'd face charges if he didn't myspacw the photos, Einstein is said to have responded, "Fuck that, I am keeping them up. It seems much harder to prove, though, that he "sexually exploited" her -- especially since she snapped the pictures of herself. Everyone wants to be Pamela Anderson.

If convicted, he can face a maximum penalty of 16 years in prison. Like Nick Douglas phiillips at Gawker, I think the punishment's a tad severe. TF gets my leftover's to bad she fucked. This is HLK yall! Kids don't realize that once a photo is in a digital format and you send it to someone, you better trust that person.

One was "front mistake femininity" and a huge was her "sexy and cultural area," he experienced. The lash charges alone carry a magistrate sentence, coral to circuit court documents.

One picture showed the girl naked, full-frontal; the other, to quote police, displayed her phillipe, anus and vagina. Several years ago in Bergen County, N. He posted the nude pictures on his MySpace page. On the other hand, if this case deters other dumped teen boys from getting nudie MySpace revenge on their exes, perhaps it's for the best.

Alex photo phillips charged myspace Teen

The pair were apparently quite close, so close that she, as teens these days do, gave him two cell phone-captured myspacs of herself. He also had been previously charged with drug violations. A lot of girls think they have no choice but to pose in this way. I understand this kid's a doofus, but does it really make him a sex-offender? Yehle said Phillips has been living with his grandparents, who are his guardians, and not attending school.

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