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    Newborns Normal Characteristics

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    Learn more about what to expect during your Notide visit to Cranial Technologies here. Fetaures flat head syndrome, the head may appear flat on one side, wide towards the back, or long and narrow. Keep in mind, you may not see these shapes exactly—variations ranging from mild to moderate to severe and even combinations of these shapes can occur. Normally, the back of the head is curved and both sides of the head match. The good news is that putting babies on their backs to sleep greatly reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS. Remember, your baby's appearance isn't set in stone.

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    Most features develop and change throughout the first year and beyond. It's impossible to predict what your baby will look like as Notice toddler has pointy facial features adult, but here are some changes you can start to look for early on: Most babies start to fill out by 3 weeks, looking less like scrawny chickens and more like softly rounded babies. In most cases, you can expect a breastfed baby to regain her birth weight in 2 weeks and then gain roughly 6 to 8 ounces a week for the next couple of months. The kids in the study "all looked cute and smart in their own way," Litschel said. It is unclear why it has been thought that protruding ears lead to a biased perception of people, Litschel told Live Science.

    The roots may lie in ideas proposed in by Cesare Lombroso, an Italian criminologist and physician who thought that criminals could be identified by features that were considered congenital defects at the time, like protruding ears. Lombroso's ideas became popular, Litschel said. Michael loved to slide things behind him. He would take cars, puzzle pieces, anything, and just slide it behind him. Other children enjoy other ways of playing. For example, some children at the milder end of the spectrum often love stacking things, sorting them, lining toys up endlessly and very neatly. Yes, this is a euphemism for punches-sibling-in-the-face-and-screams-very-loudly.

    They imitate your vacuuming, sweeping, playing with toys, whatever you do they imitate. They also engage in pretend play. A child on the spectrum often has a lot of trouble learning because they do not imitate and have to teach things to themselves from scratch. I remember my mother in law saying that she had never seen another child do that, and how mysterious it is. I used to joke that one day when Michael was bigger we would ask him why he did this. Well, we know how. Hand flapping is one of the early signs of autism that we, of course, missed. Another sign was the hyper-activity.

    Following delivery, the cord is clamped or tied off before it's cut to separate the infant from the placenta. The umbilical stump is then simply allowed to wither and drop off, which usually happens in about 10 days to 3 weeks. You may be instructed to swab the area with alcohol periodically or wash it with soap and water if the stump becomes dirty or sticky to help prevent infection until the cord falls off and the stump dries up. The baby's navel area shouldn't be submerged in water during bathing until this occurs. The withering cord will go through color changes, from yellow to brown or black — this is normal.

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    You should consult your baby's doctor if the navel area becomes red or if a foul odor or discharge develops. Umbilical navel hernias are common in feautres, particularly in infants faial African heritage. These hernias are generally harmless and aren't painful to Notic infant. Most close on their own during the first few years, but a simple surgical procedure can fix the hernia if it doesn't close by itself. Home remedies for umbilical hernias that have been tried through the years, such as strapping and taping coins over the area, should not be attempted. These techniques are ineffective and may result in skin infections or other injuries. Genitalia The genitalia sexual organs of both male and female infants may appear relatively large and swollen at birth.

    It's due to several factors, including exposure to hormones produced by both the mother and the fetus, bruising and swelling of the genital tissues related to birth trauma, and the natural course of development of the genitalia. In girls, the outer lips of the vagina labia majora may appear puffy at birth. The skin of the labia may be either smooth or somewhat wrinkled. Sometimes, a small piece of pink tissue may protrude between the labia — this is a hymenal tag and it's of no significance; it will eventually recede into the labia as the genitals grow.

    Due to the effects of maternal hormones, most newborn girls will have a vaginal discharge of mucus and perhaps some blood that lasts for a few days. This "mini-period" is normal menstrual-type bleeding from the infant's uterus that occurs as the estrogen passed to the infant by the mother begins to disappear.

    Although it's much more common in boys, swelling in the groin of an infant girl can tordler the presence of an inguinal groin hernia. Hydrocele In boys, the scrotum the sack containing the testicles often looks swollen. This is usually due to a hydrocele, a collection of fluid in the scrotum of infant boys that usually disappears during the first 3 to 6 months. You should call your doctor about swelling or bulging in your son's scrotum or groin that lasts beyond 3 to 6 months or that seems to come and go.

    This may indicate an inguinal hernia, which usually requires surgical treatment.

    The testicles of newborn boys may be difficult to feel in the swollen scrotum. Muscles attached to the testicles pull them up into the groin briskly when the genital area is touched or exposed to a cool environment. Infant boys also normally experience frequent penile erections, often just before they urinate. If your baby is delivered in a hospital, nursery personnel will want to know if this happens while your infant is with you. If a newborn doesn't urinate for what seems like a while at first, it may be that he or she urinated immediately after birth while still in the delivery room. With all the activity going on, that first urination may not have been noticed.

    Baby Loses a Little Weight in the First Week It is not uncommon for newborns to lose 6 to 8 ounces during their first week of life; babies who weighed more at birth may lose even more. Once they start putting on weight, they should gain 4 to 7 ounces a week for the first few weeks, then 1 pound or a little more for the first 6 months. Babies are born with enough fluid and fat to sustain them until a regular feeding routine is established; but if you have any concerns, check with your doctor. The best way to insure your baby is getting enough to eat is to time the feedings: Another way to measure if your newborn is getting enough to eat is to count the number of dirty diapers: If you breastfeed your baby, the stools should be a light mustard color; if baby drinks formula, they will be darker.

    It is okay if stool color or consistency changes now and then. Hard or dry stools may indicate that your little one needs more to drink.

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