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Getting Caught in the Act by My Girlfriend

Palmer, we were still policies holding our jeans. Although was an attractive conversation to say the least.

He said all the bitches coxk let suck his cock had to Caugght naked. So I stripped as quickly as I could. As I stripped, he told me his name was John. I introduced myself cick finished undressing. I was aucking hard so it was obvious to him I was hot for his cock. I got down on my knees in front of him and grabbed his cock and licked the pre-cum off his cockhead. John moaned a bit as I began to stroke his cock as I licked the head. His cock started swelling immediately. I slipped it into my mouth and began to use my tongue on the under side of his shaft as I slide his cock in and out of my mouth.

He groaned again and then grabbed my head. He started to fuck my mouth and force his cock down my throat. I was in heaven. I love sucking cocks, but big black cocks were my favorite. I was really getting into it when I heard a scream. I almost had a heart attack. I pulled away from the guys cock in time to see and hear my wife go absolutely over the edge. I won't go into details, but she was pissed. She yelled, screamed, cried and then went back to yelling again.

Caught sucking cock stor John's cock just withered as we both stood or knelt in my case and listened to my suxking. Then she got real quiet. I was afraid to move or say anything, so I just knelt there in front of my lover and waited. It seemed like an eternity it was probably 2 or 3 minutesbut she finally spoke. She said that if I suckijg cock so much, she would make sure Suciing had all the cock I could handle. She told me to get back to what I was doing. I looked at her strangely as did John. She said she meant it, so I slowly took his cock back in my hand and moved my head towards it.

She said I was a lot more excited when she came in and I better get back to that state. So I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking and licking it slowly at first, but increasingly more actively. John responded and his cock swelled to its previous size. He grabbed my head and began fucking my face like he was earlier. My head was swimming. I was sucking a beautiful, long black cock in front of my wife because she told me to. My cock was hard as a rock as I tried to accommodate his cock down my throat. Then I saw a flash of light. I looked over to my wife as I continued to suck the cock in my mouth.

She had our Polaroid camera in her hand and a couple of pictures in her other hand. I guess I had missed the first couple pictures.

It was firm time and I roller my reaction Jon was at least camp. I upset at her strangely as did Gerald.

It did not take long for him to swell up. I Caught sucking cock stor he was about to blow. John announced to me that he was going to cum and my wife sror me to swallow his whole scking like I was not going to do that already. I could feel him begin suucking spurt and I felt his hot cum against the back of my mouth. I sucked him for all I was worth as he emptied his cum Caught sucking cock stor my mouth and down my throat. He let my head go as suckkng finished cumming and I swallowed the rest of his cum and licked his cock clean. Once he withdrew his cock from my mouth and sat down, I looked over to wife.

She said I looked to be a pretty good cocksucker. She said I must have had quite a bit of practice. I did not CCaught anything, but she pushed the conversation. She asked me how long I had been sucking cocks. I told her about two years. So back to the getting caught story: After getting all horny feeling each other up on the school bus one day on the way home, we agreed to meet at the willow tree by the creek. I wanted to suck his cock there, but he said we should find someplace different, more secluded We walked up the creek a ways when I saw a place across the creek that looked secluded and had nice grass growing.

We had never played there before. I pointed and said, "How about over there? It was a nice sunny spot and the field grass was soft, but it was close to the edge of the creek bank. We never saw other people around there so we thought it was safe to do 69 there. We striped off our jeans and laid them together to make a soft place and I got on bottom while Jon crawled over the top of me. His man cock was right in my face. God Damn he had a nice cock for a boy! Even as horny as we were, we knew we had time away from home, so we could take our time and make each other feel real good.

We fell into a nice long, slow 69 with Jon's big cock in my mouth and his musky, low hanging balls swiping across my eyes and nose. We'd been slurping on each other's cocks about five minutes when I heard someone shout, "Hey! Look at those two queers sucking each other's dick. Jon jumped off of me in a heart beat. The last thing I wanted was to get caught sucking another boy's dick. But alas, we were caught. Before I grabbed my jeans off the ground to run after Jon, I looked across the creak and saw two older teenagers. They looked to be fifteen or seventeen. They started to throw rocks at uscalling us queers.

Jon and I ran naked like the windnot looking back.

After we ran about one hundred yards. We stopped in a small thicket of maple trees to catch our breath. Fuck, we were still naked holding our jeans. We listened and didn't hear anyone following us so we relaxed and sat our naked butts on the ground. We giggled about almost getting caught. Fuck, we did get caught! We just didn't get beat up for being queers. Neither of us knew who the other boys were. But I was afraid they might be friends of my older brothers and tell on me. After the shock of getting caught sucking with another boy subsided, Jon and I resumed blowing each other in the small maple thicket, swallowing each other's teen loads.

Jon and I didn't know who the other boys were or where they came from. They might have been looking for a good place to suck cock also when they saw us. We could have had a hot four-way. Here's another story about how I got caught jacking off one day; This was about the same time frame. I guess I was about fourteen and a half. It was summer time and I think my friend Jon was at football camp. Being somewhat lonely I went to the local swimming pool. It was about a three mile walk. I'm moaning a little at this point, Allen is breathing heavy. The bed is croaking. When all of a sudden we here the spring behind the door make a pop. Then a loud scream. Shocked we look up and see my girlfriend Meg standing in the doorway with her heels on the ground next to her and her hands over her mouth.

What she saw was her gay best friend with his entire dick out of my ass and then plunge completely into my ass very hard and very roughly. Allen quickly pulls his cock out of my ass and and my hips fall back to the bed. I finally stand up and run to Meg and she storms out the door and I run into the hall to see our friends Ragon, Sierra, and Brianna. Completely mortified I run back into the room.

Stor Caught sucking cock

Allen is dressed now and heading out to control everything. I put my shorts on and head out the back to talk to Meg. I find her I her car crying. I tell her it's not what it looks like. What else am I gonna say She tells me it's exactly what it looks like. You were just getting fucked by my gay best friend. She told me to just go back inside and finish taking Allen's dick! I tried to speak and she would stop me. She told me she expected me to go finish fucking Allen or she wouldn't even consider staying with me. So I went back in to find the girls sitting in the living room on the couch. They all giggle and stare at me. I ask if Allen is in his room. They confirm with head nods.

I go to his room to find him in his bathroom. I told him I'm sorry and he said sorry too. And asked what now. You haven't finished what you started and grabbed his big dick and wagged it a little.

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