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    Being Raised by a Mother With Borderline Personality Disorder

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    If your daughter Boderlibe BPD, she may be extremely sensitive, so, small things can often trigger intense and sudden reactions or rage. These reactions could be as a result of you telling her daughtr or trying to set a boundary. Once upset, borderlines are often unable to calm themselves in healthy ways; they may act out in inappropriate or dangerous ways or say hurtful things. They can look like they are going to fall apart and quickly look normal when they get what they want. They can be hypercritical and unfortunately you will probably be the target. You can find yourself being blamed for things you did not do.

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    Adlt see the world in terms of black and aduot. You become all good or all bad. There is no middle ground. One day you may be the best parent and then another day, you can be told that you have destroyed their lives. She might find it difficult to take responsibility for most of her actions, so you will always have to be at fault. She is always the victim. What pleases her one day might make her explode the next.

    Communicating with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder BPD Communication is an important part of all relationships but communicating with borderlines can be challenging because people with BPD are prone to misunderstanding the message other people are trying to pass across. Their anxiety or fear of abandonment can cause them to become aggressive and overreact to any perceived slight or insult, resulting in impulsive fits of rage, unfair, cruel or irrational verbal abuse, or even violence. As a result, the very foundation of your formative psychosocial development may be compromised, leaving you vulnerable to ongoing psychological, behavioral, and interpersonal difficulties that interfere with your sense of self, quality of life, and capacity for joy.

    The Earliest Influences of a Mother with BPD The damage of borderline personality disorder on children can begin in the earliest stages of infancy and disrupt the development of secure attachment and engagement. Studies have found that interactions between mothers with BPD and their infant children are characterized by insensitivity, high levels of intrusion, and low levels of positive response to infant distress.

    These unmet psychosocial needs at critical moments of development increase risk of disorganized attachment and rob children of security, comfort, and safety from the very beginning of their lives. Call for a Free Confidential Assessment. Residential Treatment Can Provide Relief Email Us Fracturing Development As children grow older and become verbal, the impact of BPD on their understanding of themselves, their mothers, and the world around them becomes more pronounced. Compassion, empathy, and validation are often withheld as your mother is unable to recognize your emotional needs or formulate appropriate responses.

    This, combined with the unpredictability, impulsivity, and extremity of those with BPD, is extraordinarily detrimental to the establishment of a secure emotional base from which to grow and flourish. Additionally, it leaves children without a model for healthy interpersonal functioning, conflict resolution, and emotional regulation, increasing vulnerability to maladaptive and self-destructive behaviors.

    Adult daughter Boderline

    As April, a woman who grew up with a mother who suffered from untreated BPD, says: They are your example. You Boerline what they do because you see the world through their dauhhter. Children duaghter mothers with BPD are also at heightened risk for exhibiting attention difficulties, aggressive behavior, and low self-esteem, in addition to depressionanxietyand borderline personality disorder itself. As a result, her parenting is driven by the desire to meet her own overwhelming need for validation, security, and love, rather than bestowing them upon you.

    Without the freedom and support to engage in the vital work of self-exploration and self-expression, you struggle to establish an authentic sense of self and to trust your own instincts. April describes her own experience of this phenomenon: Not being allowed to be who I am was huge. Not being able to express yourself creates shame.

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