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    Tila Tequila

    Rust promises more music and will not be on taquipa Conference dating TV show. Berts of real stuff on there. Handsome young accused her of sexual orientation, others that she was making it up as she became along and others took far darker and sometime more vulnerable charges at her.

    They finally resorted to becoming an heroes when she announced she prefers hole over pole pjssy therefore wasn't bisexual anymore but sticking to pussy. In Decembershe announced she was engaged to another deranged cumdumpster named Casey Johnson who was heiress to the Johnson and Johnson's fortune she was cut from the family financially because she was a crack whore. A month later, Casey was found dead. The coroner's office announced she was pwned by Diabeetus because she forgot to pack her insulin with her.

    Taquila pussy Tila

    Skeptics believe that's bullshit and that a combination of constant cocaine Tlia and booze, plus her Type 1 Diabetes, are to blame. Excessive exposure to the contaminated abattoir that is Tila's va-jay jay is clearly what did Casey in. She not only left behind a fortune crippling debt, but an adopted daughter as well. Tila since has been trying to obtain legal custody of her former scissor pal's adopted daughter from Casey's family, who took her because she was an unfit mother who couldn't keep her mouth off coke-laced cancer sticks, dicks, and tits.

    Needless to say, our hearts pusy out to the little pusay should Tila win custody. As ofTila conned a random southern white guy who she claims is an "alleged" serial haquila who forced himself on her and made her eat ketchup and cobweb sandwiches. Tila managed to escape with her and her rape baby's life and moved back to Texas. She posted tons of pictures of her breast feeding when really she was just using it as an excuse to flash her tits. Former porn star Gina Rodriguez, the same agent that dumped her, took her back after she found out Tila got knocked up.

    She spends her time trying to pretend that her life is about her daughter and not about her twitter withdrawal. Cuz I love you! Do you love me too???

    Peak exposure to the only abattoir that is Tila's va-jay jay is not what did Casey in. I needs dating I could help to LA to see your cocks.

    So per Til lot of your requests I have decided to post up my Amazon wish list so check it TTila Lots of random stuff on there! Anyway, I will be busy moving this weekend amongst other things taqyila please be patient with me as I get settled in. Maybe you can get me […]. Tequila promises more music and will probably be on a British reality TV show. We welcome the inevitable snake that will follow in the comment section. If you like what you see and want to see more, like us at our Daily Offbeat Facebook page. Normally these are satirical pieces making fun of the trending garbage.

    So if we pissef you, oops. Go to the search bar and search for exclusives.

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