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    Antique Halloween Postcards

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    Pricing Antique Halloween Postcards You've found some great Halloween postcards but you're not sure what they are worth. The first thing you should do with a grouping of vintage postcard is to arrange them by illustrator vinfage the art company that printed them, and then by the date. Certain postcards are more valuable depending on who illustrated them or printed them. Rarity in postcards also drives up the value. As with any collectible, those who want to purchase them determine the value. This is why it is important to collect postcards that appeal to you personally. The resale market is fickle at best; so it is best to collect cards that you enjoy looking at and won't mind displaying or storing.

    Ways to discover current market prices include following similar items on eBay for several weeks or by frequenting antique postcard dealers on the Internet.

    Postcards Halloween vintage

    This will give you an idea of the current market conditions for this collectible item. Referring to price guides and books on collecting postcards can also be helpful. Popular Illustrators and Companies If you've just begun collecting antique Halloween postcards, you will begin to notice similarities in them, especially the style of the illustrations. Many antique postcards were designed and illustrated by certain popular artists or particular card companies. Ellen Clapsaddle - produced over 3, postcard illustrations for the International Art Company. Her illustrations usually feature small children engaged in various holiday activities.

    Halloween postcards illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle are highly collectible. Gibson Art Company - printed few Halloween postcards, which are now considered rare and highly collectible. They were printed in either sepia or black and white.

    The Halloween cat cards had orange backgrounds and many of the other postcards had pumpkin borders. Two groups of the cards printed by this company are easily identifiable by the artist signatures, which appear on their cards. These artists were Bernhardt Wall and Kathryn Elliott. HalloweenOctober Holiday These greetings once filled mailboxes every October. Today, each one is a collector's prize. Rhymes like this one, accompanying cheery printed images of solemn owls or red-cheeked apple bobbers, arrived in the mailbox with "Hallowe'en" greetings.

    That apostrophe has disappeared the holiday was once All Hallows' Eve, or "even," abbreviated to "e'en"but our fondness for the postcards -- sweetly innocent remnants of a pre-email era -- is still going strong. In fact, with all those pumpkins, moons, and black cats, Halloween penny postcards have become increasingly sought after.

    But you definitely won't find them for Hallloween. This is not just because they're wonderfully illustrated or have the occasional pullout or lift tab-other antique postcards have them, too. Nor is it simply because they have superb color lithography. No, Halloween cards are especially collectible because, though once as popular as Christmas cards, they are now quite rare. And, as with things like Beatles dolls and pink diamonds, rarity makes them desirable.

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