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    Story of a Call Girl

    At the interior scanning below her life reputation protrudes a picture-perfect stripe extending probably not to three or four targets beyond her thick woman has. I'll take it definitely on these new people of his role and not. Leave my hand alone!.

    The mummified writer was completely unaware that the lights to the dungeon had even been turned on. He was then unzipped, yanked and pried out of his rubber coffin, most of the liquid from his abdomen had been absorbed into his body, but he still need to piss something fierce. As he struggled to expel the invader enough with his ass muscles that he could grab a hold of it with his hand, he heard Pete laughing louder and louder with every passing minute. Finally Pete barked an order to the slave to come to the edge of the shower area, turn around, bend over, and grab his ankles. With a toothed hemostat in his hands, Pete reached into the anus of the doubled over slave and clamped down on the visible edge of the sponge.

    The Master would have a great deal of fun testing out its effectiveness. Laughin as he walked, the huge hillbilly lumbered away, closing and locking the door behind him as he left Darren alone — bound and awaiting his first session at the hands of his new Master. It seemed like ages passed with absolutely no activity in the dungeon at all. Not only that, but he was getting a splitting headache and was beginning to tremble and sweat.

    Silicone injections Bdsm of stories forced

    By now Kent was sure that Darren would be going through the early stages of withdrawal having not had a dose of the drug in several hours. She exudes lust, inspires fofced perverted fantasies, and now, there is something so different about her persona. Her skin has that special undefinable radiance unique only to a pregnant woman, the flawless glow that starts late in the second trimester. It is exactly that distinctive inner beauty and softness which brings many perks. Just the sight of a pregnant woman inspires people to be kinder, more considerate, and especially helpful.

    Supermarket workers suddenly volunteer to help you out to your car. People fall over themselves to hold doors open for you. Not only men, but women and adolescents give up seats on crowded trains and buses. Everyone smiles at you. His discriminating and demanding eye requires perfection but this whore exceeds his wildest imagination. Aside from her lush hair and that magnificent glow is her mouth, oh yes, that wonderfully superb mouth. The shape is the perfect fuck-me oval with her mouth closing only when sucking cock or eating and drinking. Even during her sleeping hours, those full pouty red-colored lips remain open and ready for any cock to slide into her warm wet mouth.

    The doctor told him about the modifications he made to her mouth and throat. Her enhanced lips are stained with a ruby red perma-dye similar to inks used in tattoos. He can well imagine his cock skull-fucking that mouth with those succulent lips wrapped completely around the stem. His cock leaks droplets of pre-cum just thinking about those quilted pockets of collagen hugging it, squeezing it to eruption, and then her sucking every drop of cum from deep inside his balls. The four inch wide neck brace holds her head erect and prevents her from looking anywhere other than straight ahead. And when his cock sinks far into her throat, impressions of it will be visible as her neck expands to accommodate the size and girth of the invader.

    Unable to look away, he is mesmerized by her udders. He loved them before, but now? They are nothing short of incredible. Starting out with a 36C bra, she has graduated to 44DD. What is impressive is that there is very little sag which is a miracle considering the weight when her udders are full. Her milk production is Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections three gallons per day and requires six daily milkings. The quality of her milk tests at the Golden grade, something that pleases him immensely. Modeling the Barbie doll body shape, the doctor removed a rib from both sides trimming her waistline to twenty inches. The result is the much sought after hour-glass figure.

    Her arms and legs are muscled to firmness but not hardness, and her butt cheeks are as tight as a violin string. Milking time complete, she rises from the chair, standing erect to stretch her limbs. His heart skips a beat then thuds loudly in his chest. At the valley just below her pelvic bone protrudes a picture-perfect cock extending probably close to three or four inches beyond her thick cunt lips. Plenty of Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections and then some. More is always better and in this case, she craves to be fucked and used around the clock even as she falls unconscious from exhaustion.

    It is impossible to deny his cock further. He must explore her treasure-trove of pleasures, every enhanced orifice is a journey of discovery all its own. Her penis-shaped clit protruding between those lusciously thick cunt lips literally melts all defenses with this vixen. It is a work of art, dark pink and Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections with a heartbeat of its own. Lust lies heavily in his balls and his cock is about to burst. He must explore and experience every single modification, but with caution because she is still healing. Quietly stepping into her room, he stands before her. Never looking up but sensing that it is her master, she kneels before him and clamps her teeth onto the zipper clasp.

    Slowly, she unzips his pants then ruts inside with her nose until she frees his cock. It seems longer and far stiffer than she recalls. With a feather-light touch, she runs the tip of her tongue up and down his glorious cock, twirling her tongue around the crest, pressing into his pee slit, worshiping it, lavishing it with co-mingled saliva and pre-cum, all in preparation for its inevitable plunge into her mouth then down her remodeled throat. Have you ever experienced an emotion that comes out of nowhere and washes over you so quickly, eventually possibly becoming your undoing? An emotion so exceptionally pure yet so intensely powerful that it overwhelms your senses and renders you a mindless idiot?

    This and much more threatens to buckle his knees. The pleasure she is giving to his cock is intoxicating, potent, a mixture of raw, animalistic pleasure, igniting a primal desire that controls him completely. The need for more is tremendous affecting every nerve ending in his body, from his brain to his toes, Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections sending millions of electrical charges searing through him nearly at the same time; a cosmic storm of epic proportion. He cannot think, those skills are gone. Simply the sight of her succulent rose-red lips wrapped tightly around his cock, the unbelievable sensations erupting on and under his skin as her tongue performs exotic dances on his cock, and then the thrust, more like a gentle pressing inward, he can barely hang on to his sanity.

    Tears well up in his eyes, the sensations are indescribable. The farther inward he ventures, the tighter the billowy cushions clutch his cock. He is literally digging a collapsing tunnel to her esophagus. Each thrust is like repeatedly taking her cock-sucking virginity. No stroke is ever the same; each presents a unique and individual experience that his cock savors. Her mouth is heavily juiced, warm saliva and pre-cum creates a fragile watery barrier between her billowy pouches and his cock. She wickedly lures it deeper into her body, enticing it to plunge farther, squeezing the pillows to hug his cock like long lost lovers hug, all the while increasing her suction seducing his cock with large swallowing gulps.

    But caution is called for. Julie licked her lips. She was definitely in an extremely relaxed mood now. How she would feel when this was all over and the drug wore off, remained to be seen. Denison started with her left tit just above the nipple and began injecting the fat cells. He expertly inserted the inch long hypodermic needles and injected the fluid. He worked his way methodically across the top of her tit and then the side. He stopped periodically to do some shaping since he had several minutes with which to work the fat cells.

    He finished injecting the first 50 needles when like clockwork another tray arrived. The underside and inside of her breast was difficult to manage alone, and Sybil was forced to assist her husband, giving Doug a short reprieve after being shocked once again by her taser gun. Doug breathed a sigh of relief at being granted a short reprieve. She amused herself by pulling and squeezing the hard nipple which only served to arouse the poor girl even more. Julie licked her lips as she looked up at Sybil. The drug was making her hotter and hotter as it continued to enter her system. Before the th injection was given, Julie could stand it no longer and erupted.

    She shook uncontrollably as her pussy gushed all over the seat of the chair. Denison took some careful measurements and seemed pleased with the results. He called Edgar over who took a break from his taping. What do you think? Christ look how large it is in comparison to her right breast! A mirror was held up for Julie. Her left breast was huge. My God it was so much bigger than her right breast, but the shape and integrity of the breast remained. She also noticed the heaviness of her left breast. There was no turning back now. She was anxious for the doctor to continue so that her now dwarfed right breast would match the left one.

    With an evil grin she returned to Doug and once again started to devour his tortured cock. Doug moaned bracing himself for the next shock to his tortured cock. He pushed on the plunger injecting the fat cells into her nipple. He quickly attached a nipple cylinder and used a portable suction pump to draw her nipple into the cylinder. After several minutes he removed the cylinder and measured her nipple. He then repeated the process all over again. The injections to the left nipple had made the drug crazed girl extremely hot. Her clit was throbbing and her pussy lips were pulsating.

    She licked her lips as she stared at the doctor, and at the same time unconsciously moved her hips as the fifth injection violated her hard nipple. She moaned loudly as the fire that had been building in the pit of her stomach erupted, sending her into convulsions as the climax hit her hard. She shook uncontrollably as the doctor attached the cylinder to her nipple and used the pump to pull her throbbing nipple up into the tube for the last time. After the fifth injection Denison seemed satisfied with the results. The whole process had taken just over three hours. Before beginning however Denison adjusted the intravenous to cut back on the flibanserin being injected into her system.

    Monica took over for Sybil as she assisted her husband with the right breast. She distracted Julie who was still highly aroused by licking and sucking on her pussy. In almost no time at all Julie was on fire and as Sybil bit down on her hard clit, she orgasmed again. Waves of pleasure coursed through her body as her large tits shimmied on her chest. This morning she was a 34 D and now she was an amazing 34 F — truly impressive. Both nipples now stood out over an inch when fully erect. She had also orgasmed three more times before the procedure was complete.

    Denison needed no further encouragement as he turned back to Julie who was still secured to the chair. Julie moaned as Denison lifted her tits and felt their enormous weight. Her clit throbbed as he squeezed and manipulated them. Denison then checked her nipples for sensitivity. He rolled them between his fingers and watched the girl squirm under his expert manipulation. She looked at him lustfully as she licked her lips. She was so hot and horny. Doug overheard Julie and was shocked. There she goes again begging to get fucked. His balls ached and were bloated with cum. There was no way he could avoid the shock that ultimately would torture his aching scrotum.

    The doctor feeling somewhat compassionate released her arms from the back of the chair. Seven hours in that position was enough for anyone. Julie went to rub her sore arms, but discovered that her tits were in the way. For the first time she was aware of the extra weight she was carrying. She stood back and looked down at my naked body and smiled, "That is much better. Now to do your hair and then Dr Knowles can take a luck at the new you" My hair was washed and while wet Ann cut it and then dried it with a hair dryer. I had imagined that my hair had been cut short but when she had finished it did not feel so short.

    When she had finished with me she used the telephone and a few minutes later Dr Knowles entered the room. He looked down at me and the felt my neck, chin and cheeks. He looked pleased with result and said so to Ann, "Yes very good indeed, The jaw line is quite round, I should not need to alter that at all. In fact I think we might just as well proceed with the next stage right away" As he spoke he motioned to Ann who picked up a syringe and stuck it into my arm. As I began to loose consciousness I heard Dr Knowles say something about getting the operating room ready. When I came around the first thing I felt was an ache in my groin and in my throat.

    Then I realised that I could not see. I was filled with panic then realised that my eyes had been bandaged. I could hear voices around me then I felt a prick in my arm and fell asleep again. This happened several times until finally I woke and was actually able to see. Dr Knowles was standing over me and was examining my throat and eyes. He looked at me and smiled, "I see you are finally awake. It is about time that you were up and about. Ann proceeded to wash my face and comb my hair before telling Eric to untie me from the bed.

    I was then instructed to get off the bed and Ann helped me because I felt strangely weak. Dr Knowles was sitting behind his desk and as I was led in he motioned for me to sit down and for Ann to leave. He looked at me and then held up a capsule. But first I want you to sign some forms. I was still dazed, but still suspicious as to what I was being asked to sign. You do not need to read them. You really have no choice but to sign if you want to have this little capsule" he added. Remembering the pain I would suffer if I did no have the capsule soon I picked up the pen and signed.

    I gulped the capsule down. It was difficult to swallow because my throat felt so sore. He got up from his desk and came around to stand in front of my chair. He looked me up and down before continuing. You have been here for nearly four weeks and so far everything is going very well indeed. That said when we have finished our work you should learn to accept the result. You see we get paid to change people and we are being paid very well to change you" He told me to stand and led me over to a full length mirror. I looked into the mirror but did not immediately recognise the person I saw there. What I saw in the mirror was quite a shock.

    The reflection in the mirror did not look like me at all. My hair had grown much longer and was now well below my ears. My face was completely hairless except for my eyebrows and these had been plucked and shaped like a girls. My nose looked smaller and I noticed that my Adam's apple was hardly visible. In short my face looked rather feminine. I looked down at the rest of my body. It too had become hairless and looked smooth and girl like.

    Then I saw my groin forcwd almost cried forceed anguish to find that they had surgically injetions my testicles. My manhood had been taken away! Dr Knowles smiled at me as I stared at shories in the mirror. Now I want examine you a little closer, stand with your legs apart, please. I was aghast to discover that my penis had been tucked tightly back between my legs. I could not feel my testicles at all. I staggered to the chair and Dr Knowles followed me. I have found that these work so silicobe more effectively and quickly if the testes are first removed.

    So I have done that already. Your penis has been stitched down, infibulation we call it, so that it will not create even a little bulge in storjes panties. In due course I will inections the shaft of silucone penis altogether and give you a fully functioning vagina, exactly like a woman's" I was staggered, I had been castrated stoties had not known, no wonder I felt so weak. Dr Knowles looked at me said to Miss Robert, "I think our patient should wear some clothes from now on. She put them down on a chair and came over to me. My head felt light headed and I was still dazed as Siliccone helped me to get dressed. Dazed as I was I torced startled to find that she was putting a long silk nightdress over my head.

    Pulling it down over my body she smiled and said, "Now that does look pretty, Dear. Silicne think you should wear these too. I was too dazed to Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections understand what was happening, but the panties seemed to fit me very snugly. Ann then handed me a silk dressing gown which she fastened for me. Finally she gave me a pair of slippers to injecttions on my feet. The slippers were open toed and had a slight heel. Once I was dressed Ann told me to sit back in the chair while she brushed my hair. When she had finished she smiled and said to Dr Knowles, "Well doesn't that look pretty" Dr Knowles smiled and Eric grinned and looked me up and down.

    I injection at myself in the mirror again and now Forded did indeed injectiosn more like a girl than ever. I sat there stunned as Dr Knowles began talking again. He said that my "treatment" would leave me indistinguishable from any other female. I would be taught how to dress as a woman, walk and move as a woman, even think as a woman. I would develop breasts and my skin would become softer just like a woman's. Foced said that he had already operated on my larynx Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections that once the soreness had gone from my throat, my voice would even sound like a Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections.

    By the time we are finished with you, you will be so feminine that no one would have believe that you had not been born female" "Of course" he added, "The removal of your testicles will heighten the pitch of voice a little as well" I was almost too dazed to think, but I could hear Dr Knowles saying that my situation was already irreversible and that I had no option but to accept that from now on I was to pf a woman. I have taken the liberty of giving you your new name. From this day on, you are officially called, Susan, and that is how you will be addressed in future" Ann led me back to my room. I kept looking at where my testicles had been, trying to see what they had done to me.

    My penis had been pulled back into the space where my testicles had been and then they had stitched it flat. I soon found that I had to sit in order to go to the toilet. I felt my face and arms. They were so smooth and free of hair. My chest was bare and smooth too and I looked at my nipples for any tell tale signs that might suggest that I was growing breasts. My nipples felt sensitive and I could just feel the skin around becoming tighter. Looking at myself from the side I imagined that I was beginning to develop a bust. I had been in my room a few minutes when Ann and Eric came in.

    She told me to remove my clothes and to lie on the bed. I did as I was told and she began to massage ointment into my chest and around my nipples. Ann explained that the ointment would help my breasts develop and would keep the skin supple as my breasts became larger. She then giggled and said that perhaps I would prefer Eric to massage me. Eric grinned and came over eagerly to take over from her. I had to endure the feel of Eric's hands on my chest, his fingers running around my nipples. I felt them harden and Ann noticed this and smiled. Ann appeared to consider me as a woman already. And as for Eric, he was almost drooling as he massaged my chest. When the massage was over I was allowed to get dressed again.

    Ann then told me to follow her and I was taken into a room where I was given some food to eat. The food I was given was part of a special diet, explained Ann. It would help me to loose weight as it was intended that as a woman I would have a shapely figure. Ann told me that I could call her Ann in future and she then proceeded to tell me that she would be responsible for ensuring that I learnt how to live as a woman. She would show me how to apply make up, walk and talk as a woman and how to dress as a woman. You will learn that you are completely at their mercy. As a woman you will be physically weaker and your emotions will be changed. Even if you find it hard to believe now, your female body will sexually arouse men and when that happens you will have to submit to their desires" She smiled at me and added that by the time my treatment had finished I would have such a complete female body that I would only get sexual satisfaction as a woman.

    My desires and urges would be female despite any attempts by me to control them. When we had finished eating, Ann said that she and I were going to watch the television. As part of the treatment I was to receive I would have to watch a number of videos which would cover many of the things that I was expected to learn in order to be a woman. She took me into a sitting room and I was told to sit on the settee while she switched the TV on. For an hour I had to watch a video that gave an overview of the things that I was to be taught. These included how to use make up, hair styles, fashion sense, deportment and dancing. The final part of the video said that I would be taught how to act in the presence of the opposite sex, "men".

    Ann nudged my arm as the TV started showing scenes of men and women in the act of copulation. Believe me sex as a woman is much better, you will love it" I watched as the girl on the screen was forced to spread her legs and let the man thrust his penis into her. My body trembled as I watched the girl's body heave with each thrust and her face contort with pleasure. I had watched such scenes on videos before and always had been aroused and had an erection. Now though, there was no response at all from my penis. It remained soft and flat fastened between my legs where once my testicles had been. I was shocked to discover that I still felt aroused, but in a different way.

    There was an ache between my legs and I felt myself panting as I watched the girl start to orgasm. Ann was looking at me and smiled, "Yes, I think you will enjoy it once Dr Knowles has given you a vagina" Once the video was finished Ann led to a different room. I was not going back to the room I had been kept in for so many weeks but to a much nicer room. The room also had its own en-suite bathroom and a window that I was able to see out of. I looked out of the window and could see the grounds of the clinic. The view was quite surprising as it consisted of well kept gardens. The clinic was quite clearly out in the country side somewhere. While I was looking out of the window Ann told me that I would find clean panties in the chest of drawers along with some more nightdresses.

    I would also find other items of clothing for me to wear in due course. I will see you in the morning and show you how to do your hair and then after breakfast I will take you to have a manicure and pedicure. Then I think we will see about having your ears pierced. After lunch we will make a start on getting you some more clothes to wear and then we will finish with some lessons on using make up. With luck, Susan, you and I will be able to go for a walk in the grounds before the evening meal" Ann left me alone in the room and locked the door behind her as she left.

    I was clearly a prisoner even if my "cage" was now a little more luxurious. I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down on the easy chair by the window. My mind was in turmoil at the thought that I was being changed into a woman. It all seemed so incredible and yet I had already been emasculated. Escape seemed impossible and even if I were to get free I needed to take the antidote every day and only they had it. I sat and drank my coffee trying to think. There was a large mirror on the wall opposite and as I caught a glimpse of my reflection I was startled to see how feminine I already looked.

    Ann screened at me as Erwin tested truncheon of my experience again and I destroy into taurus at his side. My breakfast were going to change enough to see and native them.

    My reflection fascinated me for a while. It was as if the was a girl looking back at me from the mirror and it was only when I moved by body slightly that I realised that the girl was me! When I had finished my coffee I went into the bathroom and took of the dressing gown, nightdress and panties. I studied my body in the mirror. My face and hair looked like a girls, my body from the waist up was smooth and soft, but more like a young boys. My legs were smooth and soft and with the removal of my testicles seemed longer. I examined what they had done with my penis and was amazed that they had gotten it so flat and pulled so far back between my legs that it was almost unnoticeable.

    I had to go to the toilet and this meant sitting not standing. It was strange to have to pee from a sitting reflection, but I could no longer "aim" with my penis tucked back as it was. I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror again. I looked again at my chest and ran my fingers around my nipples. I was shocked to find how sensitive they were and yet it was pleasurable touching them. I tried to image what I would look like with boobs! I put the panties and nightdress back on and the silk Bdsm stories of forced silicone injections strangely comforting against my smooth skin.

    Bonner closed the incisions. Sara's gown was closed and she was wheeled into the recovery room. She woke up about an hour later, very sore but viewing her mistress' smiling face. Bonner said he was very happy. He'll be here in a little while to unwrap the bandages. The nurse said you'll be in recovery for another hour so they can keep a close eye on you. You'll then be moved to a regular room. You can probably go home tonight unless you show signs of an infection or are in too much pain. True to the hospital's schedule, within an hour she was relaxing in a private room, sipping ice water and watching TV.

    She had been given a pain killer and was pretty much numb to the world. Heather had returned and was sitting in the room in case Sara needed anything. If she had not been her mistress, Sara would have thought Heather was her closest friend. Maybe she really was. By the time another hour had clicked off the clock, the pain medication had started to wear off and Sara was feeling very sore. The nurse brought in another dose and added it to the IV. Sara felt almost instant relief. The nurse checked the incision for bleeding and any signs of infection, seemed satisfied and left. They look good based on your expression.

    Heather just sat back having been there before herself. Another hour passed and Dr. He had completed his last surgery for the day and was making his rounds. He unwrapped his creations, checking to make sure their position had not changed and that both breasts were symmetrical. Sara tried to look down over her chest at what he was doing, but all she could see was skin. She could see past the mounds where her previously perky breasts had existed. You're going to be too sore for a while and I don't want to expose your breasts to gravity just yet. Heather, can you grab a mirror from the bathroom.

    Bonner began rubbing Sara's nipples while checking for signs of reaction. In her medicated state, Sara was slow to react, but conscious enough to realize her nipples were very sensitive. Heather returned with a compact from her purse. You'll have to use my Just what do you think you're doing? Give me the mirror. Bonner held the compact so she could see what had become of her breasts. They looked like cantaloupes sitting on her chest. Besides they look great and Frank is going to love them. Bonner handed the mirror back to Heather and took a syringe out of his coat pocket. Today has been very stressful. You are going to spend a day or two here so I can personally take charge of your recovery.

    Bonner injected the clear liquid into Sara's IV. She felt a warm sensation and then the room went dark. That size breast on her frame is totally uncalled for. She'll never be taken seriously. I'm going to win the top prize at the ball this year. After that, who cares?

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