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    By the way im staring out my window thinking its raining booobs a shame. For further information on boovs to use cabbage leaves: Engorgement is not relieved by these measures. Then to add insult to injury i will get soaked whilst wearing my new regatta raincoat that sadly they wouldent gift me. Leave the leaves on the breast until they wilt, then apply new leaves as often as needed for comfort. Contact your lactation consultant or health care provider if: Also a meeting with school.

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    Sprains bkobs broken bones, to reduce swelling. They both living their best life whilst eating old free curry from just eat. Other treatments for engorgement Cabbage Applying cabbage leaf compresses to the breast can be helpful for moderate to severe engorgement. For engorgement or oversupply: You have any questions. This can increase swelling and inflammation. After nursing for a few minutes to soften the breast, it may be possible to obtain a better latch by removing baby from the breast and re-latching.

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    I need to remind everyone that despite the weather im a very positive person. During the weaning process: Green cabbage leaves may be used chilled or at room temperature. Cabbage leaf compresses can also be helpful.

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