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    On Academy, the Sagittarius Police Department released reaction and security of the foolish: Then the first hangout begins firing, too — they do about 20 shots in all. The last two weeks of the courtyard are silent.

    Hidden by tall grass and the darkness, Clark's body isn't visible, but there are no signs of movement. A few short seconds later he yells, "Show me your hands! The only item found near the suspect was a cell phone.

    Now we run accountability. Mann's aisle led to alluring friends in the best, for a professional that all weekend breaks wear body cameras.

    The first officer yells again, "Show me your hands! After an exhaustive search, scene investigators did not locate any firearms. When they finally approach the man they shot, one of the officers handcuffs Clark's lifeless body. The two officers who fired their weapons continue to hang back, holding position, occasionally yelling that they need to see Clark's hands. In a dark backyard lit only by what appear to be gun-mounted flashlights, the officers' body camera footage shows what happened next.

    The officer in the helicopter spots Clark running and walking through backyards, and tells officers on the ground that the suspect has just used videoz "toolbar" to break the window of a residence. Mann's shooting led to major reforms in the department, including a requirement that all patrol officers wear body cameras. With direction from the helicopter officer, the officers on the ground follow and confront Clark. Then officer one says "Hey, mute? We can't get that young man back.

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    The officers put on gloves and talk videis going to get a rescue mask. The two officers involved mture the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave. The second officer tells someone that the suspect had "something in his hands, looked like a gun from our perspective. A still from police helicopter video footage of the officer-involved shooting of year-old Stephon Clark on Sunday in Sacramento. The recordings begin with a man calling to report a man in a hoodie and dark pants breaking car windows. The first officer reloads his weapon.

    Sacramento Police Department YouTube Taken together, the audio and video paints a portrait of an incident that moved heartbreakingly fast and then achingly slowly. The officers have been with the department for two and four years, respectively; both had four years' prior law enforcement experience with other agencies before joining the Sacramento force. Sacramento police Chief Daniel Hahn, the city's first African American chief, has been releasing videos more quickly than the requirement and for a broader range of events than covered by the new law since taking over the department last summer.

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