• Hot tub test strip

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    Hot Tub Spa Chemicals – How to read your test strip

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    Test Hot strip tub

    For most accurate results, allow water to equilibrate several hours or overnight after adding balance chemicals, then retest. Simple Testing Procedure If using a conventional sanitizer such as bromine, check spa water weekly. Testing procedures vary by test strip brand. Total Alkalinity TA is always adjusted first, then we look at pH.

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    You need test strips which test Total Bromine. Great strides have been made making test strips the preferred water testing method. Test strips are easier to use, and more economical than cumbersome liquid test kits. Hold strip horizontal, pad side up, for 15 seconds or per bottle instructions.

    Watch your Fingers Be sure to wash your hands before stirp the test. Beyond that date, you may get Hor readings resulting in wasted chemicals, or improper water balance. Why We Test Spa Water Analyzing hot tub water allows us to balance the chemical properties so that it is neither too alkaline nor too acidic, for both comfort and equipment protection. A full range of tests at reasonable prices including our new Water Safe bacteria check.

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